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boost module Customers Reviews

  • Great little module with wide range of applications

    posted by Rhema1

    These are great voltage boosters with a good capacity. Versatile. Very smooth and stable output.
    I have a several of these units that I had purchased elsewhere for less. But delivery time was unpredictable. The price here being about $4.00 each higher. But wanted to test the delivery time and needed 3 more. So I purchased here.
    Shipping time was moderate. The device itself is great. I really like these little units.
  • I was surprised that it works.

    posted by jirka80

    A relatively large voltage range. Increasing the drive worked on the first try.
    When the need for constant output voltage for a wide variety of input values??, the product seemed ideal. Very simple to set up with great sensitivity. Easy wiring. With a bit of caution must operate on the first circuit.
    price / value
  • Boostconverter for many applications.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Small size, professional product good connectors,high efficiency.Covers many situations.
    Often about 12 VDC input is used. in that case it can deliver only 2 Amps at 60 VDC.When used to power up ampifiers the produced heat can easily destroy the booster and anything in its line (shortcut the powersupply and the system wich get the output.It is very important to (when you use higher voltages) you give an input near the max value (24-30VDC) while in that case the outputcurrent can be higher.The trouble is the flybactransformer, its wires are to thin to give them more as 3-4 amps,the transistors/IC's are well oversized to handlesome more power but when the insulation of wires of the flyback transformer , the shortcut damages the whole system.And again 60VDC is concidered harmfull/potential lethal when the contacresistance to skin is low and the heart lies in the current-way, your fingers are not longer in controll of your brains!!
    A really usefull module for inventers etc. but not for persons who start with working with electricity, they can better buy the 150 Watt version wich delivers voltage below 36 VDC what is considered not dangerous.For me however, I'm very pleased with this module!!
  • Flexible and useful boost converter

    posted by JimM0000

    Pre-designed and built boost converter that just works.WAY cheaper then you could build yourself.
    If you remove the adjustment pot, these can be used as current regulated supplies for LEDs by wiring in a current sense resistor.
    A great converter for way less than you could build yourself.
  • Powerful and cost-effective

    posted by msanzl

    Wide output range with low power dissipation, high voltage stability, power LED indicator, fused.
    Provides a fan connector on the PCB with selectable input-output voltage, only necessary for high current outputs. I use it with a pressure factor of 2-2.5, up to 3A input and no need for ventilation
    Great device for battery powered applications, perfect for extending the voltage of an ATX power supply

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