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  • Well it does fit !

    posted by 88jon

    I bought these cap covers for my Sony Nex-6 (since Sony does not find useful to put them in a 800$ package...) and well, it does fit perfectly.The quality is Ok, the covers are in plastic. There is one for the camera and the others for the lens (my lens is the new powered 18-55 mm).
    There is an "E Mount" inscription on the front of both covers and the camera cap also have an "Open - Close"inscription with arrows.
    It does the job ! If you have a Sony Nex-6 it's perfect (I guess it also fits the Nex-5 and Nex-3). Bu y it.
  • Perfect replacement

    posted by thany

    I broke mine, so I ordered this replacement. And bly me is it a replacement! It's completely indistinguishable from the original. Even the plastic seems high grade stuff.
    Buy a whole bunch of them if you are clumsy or forgetful. For the price it can't hurt, and they don't really get in the way.
    Perfect replacement of the original lens and body caps. Get them while you still can!
  • plastické banky

    posted by dusan.belica

    Cupping is an ancient Chinese method of causing local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in cups placed on the skin either by means of heat or suction. they made from plastic with magnets inside. With gun you can easily place them on body.
    you need to know how to use them. there are special points on body where you place the cups. they have variety of size. Dont use them for a long time. max use is 25mins.
    if you use banks, you have to drink enought watter to flush pollutants from the body out.
  • It's cheap! And it works!

    posted by LeV8181

    It works!Quality of assemble is good. The power supply unit allows to change output voltage. The amplitude of moving of a needle is regulated.Yes, there are no needles on photos, but there is one needlein a package!After regulation vibration strong, but silent.
    The pedal should be connected in the left plug.Meanwhile I do not have ink. I have tried on a crude potato - it turns out accurately and fast!
    It's cheap! And it works!It is a pity that there is no detailed user manual.
  • Great screen protector

    posted by mixtrader1001

    This is one of the greatest screen protectors i have tried. It fitted perfectly on my iphone 4s, it is very clear and transparent, you can barely see it on the screen. it lives absolutely no residue when you take it off and it is very long lasting. I've had it on my display for over a year and the only took it off because I dropped my phone face down so many times that it cracked the screen protector.
    I dropped my phone on a hard surface many times FACE DOWN and MY DISPLAY WAS INTACT. Now I don't know if that is because of the protector of not but I like to think there some kind of link because the last time I dropped it I thought my display had cracks and I wanted to order a new one, however when I took off the screen protector the cracks were all on the plastic surface.
    Great screen protector, very cheap

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