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  • Beautiful and healthy jewelry

    posted by VERITAX

    Beautiful and healthy jewelry after the piercing with sterile medical Earrings Set skin and mucous piercing. Good quality steel and ornaments. Do not change with time. Subject to surface sterilization. I have not watched local Allergic skin problems after their placement. Often soon after medical aesthetic jewelry set
  • Good according to price

    posted by CeciSach

    - It's very cheap compared with what a navel piercing usually costs (at least in my country :P), and the quality is not that bad.
    - It was a good buy, since it was very cheap...
    - It met my expectatives in the end... Good price.
  • Something different

    posted by gestapesta

    Pretty. Very different from others. Easy to put on. Diamonds are well attached to the ring. Aren't heavy. Don't fall off easily. No scrathmarks on the ring. Shiny.
    You get used to poking spikes. Very nice as an earring.
    Good for earrings. Needs little work before use, but it's easy to put on and don't fall off.
  • Surprising good Quality!

    posted by danipete

    Really Good quality and price for this earings that are not easy to find always in the local tattoo/piercing shops...Of course these are approximately the smaller ones of their family, I mean 1cm of diameter should be discrete for ears, nipples an eyebrows
    Is nice finding these 2.0mm wide on this price and you can find some more sizes and model characteristics
    Really good ratio price-quality-shipment time
  • So punk

    posted by gestapesta

    Beautiful. Not too heavy. Good for earrings. Both colors are great (black and "silver"). Welding quality is perfect. No diamonds dropped off after hard use. Price isn't much. Easy to put on.
    After time you get used to poking spikes. Paint quality is OK. If you look it closely, you can see the dropping marks. But looking from a distance, you can't see them and they look perfect.
    Good for earrings. No chipping paint. No dropping diamonds. Easy to use. Not so many have these kinds of jewelry.

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