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body fat Customers Reviews

  • Does the job :)

    posted by canucksgirl16

    Item does give a fairly accurate idea of BMI. Nothing a professional machine would give but it does do the trick for using at home :) Love that you can track more then one person on it and also has a guest setting for people who won't be using it all the time.
    Could be made of heavier duty plastic, but its a great item for the price.
    Would recommend to others to buy for home use.
  • I´m happy with the results

    posted by Failier

    It´s cheap. The price is definately right. In here (Finland) you have to pay at least 25€ (approximately 30$) for exactly the same device.Theres owners manual inside to show how to use it and it also gives you the formula and charts to read it. Ofcourse you can find a lot of web pages with the same information, just type in your body fat calipers measurements and you get to see your body fat in percents.
    I really have nothing to compare my results, so I just have to believe that it works like it should.
    For the price I would say go for it. On the other hand if you want something pro, you should maybe keep looking and be ready to pay some more dimes for it.
  • It will do its job.

    posted by fdg965

    Handy Durable POM Body Fat Measuring Clip is very easy to use. It would be better if there is another person to help you do it as there are many points for you to take the reading.
    I've read on some forum saying that this will break easily but i havent. For super accurate reading then you are not looking for this. I only use this to keep track of my progress and not finding my exact fat percentage.
    Buy it if you are trying to keep track of your work out progress, loosing fat that is. This will help.
  • Healthy body!

    posted by Tessa25

    It is not big (you can take it with you anywhere – to your friends, to sports hall etc). Has nice colour (white with blue). Easy to use.
    I bought it just for fun. Of course I don’t use it everyday.
    First time I saw this device in my town: it was an action of health (anyone could measure the quantity of fat in the body for free) - and they used the device like this (or maybe it was precisely this one)!
    If your family watches the body weight, thinks about healthy products, tries to buy low fat products – may be it is for you. Or present it to your girlfriend, who is on diet.
  • Body fat fun =}

    posted by arnaldodg

    Works as described. Manual in english, easy to understand and operate. It has 10 setup slots for individuals so you can store many profiles and get measurements fast for each.It gives a aproximate idea of body fat. Did not compare to professional devices but seems quite accurate.
    The interface is a little bit poor designed but you can get along... not a con.
    100% affordable and efficient. Good simple gift.


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