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  • cubieboard made easy

    posted by dadinow

    easy to get cubieboard with all to tools needed (usb serial ; sata cable)and the box.not yer fuly tested (gpio and bradboard flashing led ;) ) it work out of the box.Do not forget to have a hdmi cable.their is no vga output ( at least vga connector)If you want vga you have to connect to the correct pin a use somme little electronic part (aka buffer)
    you may be interestd by the Cubian aka debian on cubiboard.
    Do not expect to make a computer desktop without a few tweaking
  • A cheap & small must-to have product

    posted by bigjack65

    Offer interface to RS232 for 3,3 and 5V project with ease, low cost and in little space. Nowadays many devices works with 3,3V and if you have to connect to devices with the old but affordable, simple and standard RS232, this is a gread solution. You have an industry standard miniaturized MAX3232 with all the capacitors needed in a very little and cheap board.
    I have embedded one in a 9pin cannon shell to create a very simple and small interface for my experiment. Works great.
    Many devices (ex. with embedded Linux...) have pads for serial console but these are a ttl level, This inteface can be easily embedded in any enclusure to provide a standard RS232 connection.I'll buy another soon, it is a must-to-have in the drawer of every laboratory.
  • Works fine

    posted by darmovzal

    I ordered this 10-to-6 pin converter along with http://www.dx.com/p/usbasp-usbisp-downloader-programmer-for-51-avr-157167 USB ASP programmer to flash Atmel AVR MCUs. Works as expected, input and output pin layouts according to standard.
    Reason to buy this converter was that I wasn't able to find any AVR programmer with 6-pin header, all of them have older 10-pin connector.
    Not really necessary equipment for it can be easily substitued with 6 female-to-female wires, though still handy.
  • Better than everything else

    posted by Simonetti2010

    This is a USB-to-serial adapter based on a real (as in "not fake") FTDI chip. It is used to program most atmel AVRs that can be programmed through the serial pins, like the arduinos. Its greatest advantage is that it features a DTR pin, so there is no need to hold RESET LOW while programming, since this board will do it for you (provided you plug it correctly - a 100nF capacitor is required between DTR and RESET).It works flawlessly with Win7 x64, and the drivers can be downloaded from http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htmI have been using this with breadboard arduinos (like on the pics I have uploaded to DX) and it all works great. The 5V output in the board (taken from the USB) can be used to power the breadboard, so there is no need to use an extra power source when working with this. The output current must be limited to 500mA.
    It doesn't have a 3.3V output, but that is not a con, since this is the basic version of the breakout board. Only the "Pro' version comes with selectable 3.3V/5V output.It cannot be used to do the initial programming of an Atmel microcontroller to turn it into an Arduino (bootloading). That must be done with another Arduino or a ICSP programmer (like the USBasp - sku.148046).However, once the Atmel chip has been bootloaded, this board can be used to transfer sketches to it.
    For arduino enthsiasts, this is the best USB-2-Serial adapter out there.
  • FTDI based USB-UART

    posted by k4chn1k

    Small sizeAll pins are available for useHas 3.3V/5V switch - easy to interface to any MCULEDs for traffic indicationGood PCB qualityIt is realy based on FT232 - very good driver support from FTDI
    Would be nice to have 3.3V and 5V pin also on down side row for suppling other circuitsAll pins are marked in silk from bottom side of PCBVery easy to use - plug + install driver -> working Virtual COM Port in 20seconds
    I recommend this module for integration in home project

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