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board rechargeable Customers Reviews

  • Great buy

    posted by santana.tiago

    Angled Mini USB cable provided, so you can (re)charge it while playingThe pack seems rugged and like an official product.Has a led indicating that it's charging
    The product almost looks official!
    Cheap and very useful even if it can be a bit tricky to install at first
  • Proteching Lithium Cell

    posted by iccyy

    This Protection PCB must be meant for AA cells. Total tichness is 1.85mm. With it, an increase of 1.9mm to standard cell should be useable in most devices.
    It bought 10 at bulkrate, used 4 for Touch-lite that use 4 AA celss, not so protected and may be charged with 6V 500mA charger. (MAXIMUM reverse voltage of C-MOS switch is 20V, so maxium charger is 10V DC.) Current should be < 1A.)
    It can also be used for unprotected Li-On cell to make it protected with help with cellophane tape. and use it carefully.
    Charging lithium cell is a headache. With it and any protected cells, it may be directly charge if the charger are current limited to < 1A.
    Most of the current new generation of adpators (us opposed to previous transformer based version) is directly switched, output regulated and currently limited-- that is what we want.
    This type of new DC adpator has input voltage of 100 ~ 240V AC otherwise called Universal input voltage.
    A must have for DIY electronics hobbyists.
    Bulkrate a must!!
  • The best in size 18650

    posted by helgmaster

    I consider these rechargeable batteries are the best in size of 18650. A capacity is maximally close to declared. I bought them for my UltraFire flashlight. Highly pleased by this purchase. I am convinced, that SANYO produces the best compact accumulators at the market. Thus their accumulators are selling at very democratic price.
    The best choice for these money. Buying these accumulators you do not overpay for a brand and pay only for a quality product.
    SANYO produces the best accumulators.
  • As advertised capacity, very nice batteries.

    posted by spiked2099

    - Capacity tests show advertised mAh rating is legitimate.- Nice quality fit and finish.- They fit in my bike headlight, even with protection circuit.
    First cycle in my Maha Analyzer/Charger showed capacity is > 3200 mAh. Discharge stopped at 3.2 volts. Very high quality cells, they'll give me 4 times the use-time in my bike headlight vs. 3 NiMH AAA cells. Will be using a Trustfire TR-001 for routine charging - a fairly slow process with this high capacity cell, but combination works well. No problem fitting this cell in that charger. Very happy with this purchase!
    Buy them! The high performance and safety factor of the protection circuit make them worth the price premium for headlight/flashlight use, vs. NiMH batteries.
  • very usefull

    posted by rombox

    the most important thing is that you don't have to build it yourself.after using it intensively i can tell that it certainly saves your liion from bursting into pieces and killing everybody around.it protects from allmost every error in charging and using the battery.however it is important to know what you do
    for a small sum you can save expensive battery and priceless life(your own)
    i bought and i will buy more. you can buy with confidence this very cheap but very usefull item

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