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  • grande jogo e barato

    posted by LeonardoFujita

    Play classic in its portable form! Compact can be taken anywhere. Ideal for parties and meetings. Very cheap. Beautiful pictures of both cards as the board.
    Good amount of sheets to play yields many matches. The quality is explained by the lower price well below the market.
    A good game, compact, easy to carry and guarantee fun.
  • Card game for friends and family

    posted by oskiftw

    - Actually feels quite solid- Fun to play with family- Great drinking game if you are into stuff like that!- Does not require much time to start a game
    When i received the game I thougth that someone had been in a fight with it when the package was smashed in in every corner. But the actual playing cards had not taken any damage.
    Luckily someone posted english instructions on how to play this game. Check them out and start playing!
  • Wow, another surprise from DX!

    posted by Android

    I'm a big board gamer (500+ games in collection) and one of my groups favourites has been 6 Nimmt. The game plays up to ten players is quick to teach is done in less than a half hour.
    Now the game aside, these sets of cards are of quite good quality (yes they are plastic like cards, not linen-textured or anything) with clear printing and cut well.
    I've picked up at six copies of this game for gifts and "hot spares". Fantastic value given the cost of other versions (usually in the $20-$25 range).
    This game also goes by the names Take 6, Category 5 and Slide 5.
    Looking for a cheap gift that goes over well in large groups? This never fails to bring a smile to those playing.
  • Nice manipulator for your own projects

    posted by Artem7000

    Device has a large "mushroom" cap with soft-feel rubber upper surface. Suitable for the first Arduino projects. Localization of the contact pins at the side of PCB board and their direction allows to build DIY projects right on the table.
    I'm tested it with Arduino Uno to control the servo motor. Works great, so I can't add anything.
    Solid construction, works properly. Scheme of this device is plenty easy and other documentation isn't need.
  • good looking little game

    posted by kukacster

    The pictures on the card are very good looking. The shape of the cards is different that normal cards: they are confortable to handle. The game is a concentration game: you have to say always different vegetable than the previous player. It needs some attention and some fast thinking.
    I think it is more suitable in compagnies of 4 or more persons, specially for kids. It comes in a hard paper box.
    None. Paper maybe a bit fragile.

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