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  • Very good baluns

    posted by elenicskyers

    Good signal, so the impedance match is good, fits good on BNC and Ethernet Connectors. Has a few side connectors if you want to manually bind the wires. Has a good match for DC voltage supply for the cameras. It is eight video transceivers for a price of half. It worthed :D
    Works very fine for what they was made for. No cons about that. It was better if they come with audio cables, but I think its not much people that uses the audio section in the cameras. Dunno.
    If you need 8 baluns tranceivers, that is the good pack for you. It works very good for video transmitt over ethernet cable. You can buy safely.
  • make use of cheaper Cat5 cable to transmit video content

    posted by plenum

    I wanted to make a parallel TV cable from upstairs where the set top box is set to a small TV downstairs making use of Cat5 cable. So whatever channel is set will be broadcasted into the TV downstairs. This item is very useful for such installation.
    will be more useful if the manufacturer can provide rca ends
    works as advertised, useful for home video transmission over cheaper Cat5 cable
  • Well working vidoe baluns

    posted by tengdahl

    This product will convert 75 ohm video coaxial signal to format that it can be sent through CAT5 or better quality 100 ohm UTP wiring. The product does what it promises. It provides the conversion from unbalanced video signal to balanced signal and also provides 75 ohm - 100 ohm impedance matching. This is a passive device that can be easily connected between the device and wiring on the wall. The device comes with BNC male connectors that can be easily connected to device. The short cable between the converter makes it possible to put this to locations where there is not much room behind BNC connector.
    Comparable products from other sources cost several times more. At this price there is no point thinking of pulling coaxial cable to video camera in locations where there is suitable UTP wiring available. I tested the product with a small PAL color video camera, small monitor and 200 meters of CAT5e cable. The picture quality was very clear. I also opened the device to look now it was constructed. There was one special transformer and three resistors that did all balanced-unbalanced conversion and impedance matching.
    This is a very inexpensive and well working video balun.
  • Cable of good quality

    posted by EletroTecRBL

    Cable of good quality, made of material resistant thick cable, do not lose the signal quality, superior to mount the cables, essential in your security system. Connect your cameras to the DVR with the cable of good quality.
    Cabo de ótima qualidade, feito em material resistente cabo grosso, não perde a qualidade do sinal, qualidade superior à cabos para montar, indispensável em seu sistema de segurança. Ligue suas cameras ao DVR com esse cabo de ótima qualidade.
    Looking for a great quality cable for your system, closed circuit TV? Buy this product!!
  • Good deal

    posted by edriesak786

    Very good product. Fair quality. Basically just lay your cable, plug in and go. Really that simple. Very simple even for a novice. Works well with most camera's on sale on the website as well.
    If you looking to set up a home surveillance system yourself you don't want to be struggling with buying the right cable and connecting adaptors in order to get going. This product eliminates the guesswork and makes life alot easier.

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