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bnc cable Customers Reviews

  • Sufficient for low-frequency measurements

    posted by karriCZE

    Good build quality, enought length. BNC connector seems enought co low-frequency measurement (for example audio measurement).
    Tested on audio amplifier measurement. For this price, nice product, I am going to order more pieces. I local shop it is more than twice more expensive.
    For small monney sufficient tool
  • good quality

    posted by edsoncfgarcia

    ---> this accessory is very usefull to me and to anyone who works with oscilloscopes;---> its BNC connector is made of very good quality material;---> its alligator clamps are made of good quality material either;---> the alligator clamp has a very flexible rubber;---> the length is enough to use in most of the daily common testings;---> I don’t know the brand, but the product has a good looking and seems to be durable;---> well packaged and very good informations are on original package.
    This is a must have to anyone who daily works with oscilloscopes
  • Good deal

    posted by edriesak786

    Very good product. Fair quality. Basically just lay your cable, plug in and go. Really that simple. Very simple even for a novice. Works well with most camera's on sale on the website as well.
    If you looking to set up a home surveillance system yourself you don't want to be struggling with buying the right cable and connecting adaptors in order to get going. This product eliminates the guesswork and makes life alot easier.
  • Works as you would expect

    posted by drsquirrel

    Same items from "professional stores" will charge you much more, and this is perfectly adequate for what we need.
    Can use cheap or readily accessible UTP/CAT5/CAT6 etc cable, don't think about doing this over any lengths without a BALUN.
    The wire is better than having them in the casing, gives you room to mount things, in small places, and less likely to get snapped off.
    Out of all the other Baluns I own, I would be buying these next time I need some more...
  • make use of cheaper Cat5 cable to transmit video content

    posted by plenum

    I wanted to make a parallel TV cable from upstairs where the set top box is set to a small TV downstairs making use of Cat5 cable. So whatever channel is set will be broadcasted into the TV downstairs. This item is very useful for such installation.
    will be more useful if the manufacturer can provide rca ends
    works as advertised, useful for home video transmission over cheaper Cat5 cable

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