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  • Add Bluetooth to any speaker system

    posted by Nayskin

    Small and compact. Build in battery for portability.Excellent sound frequency transmission.Feels real solid in tough aluminum case shell.
    Home speaker bar for bedroom now has Bluetooth, for when I only want to listen to music, and the sound is awesome with a sub.
    Can't say much for another cheap one that I purchased for this same purpose, however by spending a bit more for this unit I obtained the results that I'm happy with.
  • Works alright

    posted by dealq

    Easy to set up on new mac, osx 10.8.Good enough sound quality for 2.0/2.1 speakers, when in range.Convenient power plug, usb.Yes it needs a power source (not included), but it's the most common plug. Get AC mains --> usb "charger" or car 12V/lighter slot --> usb "charger" and you are good to go.
    Should be usable in a car too, didn't get to try yet.
    Very nice solution for same room untangled interface, laptops, pads, phones.Finally good sound (your sound system or powered "computer" speakers) from a mobile/mobile-ish device.
  • Worked first time and every time since

    posted by echan101

    Auto power off. Comes boxed. Actually has a battery internal that charges quickly.
    Holding down the power button turns it off. Otherwise it'll power off automatically if there are no bluetooth devices connecting to it.
    Sound is really good for the device and price. Lasts for long enough without external power. Not too sure how long but several hours which is fairly good. Otherwise you can charge and use at the same time.
  • Quite good

    posted by jadersa

    Its a good product, very useful, i´m having a problem, some times happend the bluetoof lose her signal, and we have to start the music again.
    It feels fragile. - No memory, needs to be connected everytime. - Manual is in chinese, not dificult to figure out though.
    Other: Great device, can be used as a short range "Airtunes", enable any set of speakers or earphones with bluetooth.
  • Wireless connect iPhone / iPad / PC to your Hometheater

    posted by Alfoliveira

    Easy to connect, easy to configure, good audio quality, good range (i can walk all around my appartment with the iPhone in my pocket), all accesories included, good package, well made
    I bought it at first to have a more confortable way of connecting my iPhone to my home theater because the wire was always droped behind the rack.At the end, I use it to hearing music from the iTunes my Mac while working and also to listening movies through the speakers because my Apple TV is connected only to the TV set and not to the home theater because I whould need one more input at it (one is taken by cable TV and other is taken by the bluray).From time to time you can hear some short audio loss, like drifting, even if your audio souce is not mooving.
    Buy it ! You deserve it !


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