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  • Sounds fine, auto re-connects

    posted by zlp00

    I've been looking for a bluetooth A2DP receiver for an audio project. My goals were:1) Must be powered by external supply, not internal batteries.2) Once paired with a transmitter, must attempt to reconnect if transmitter goes out of range or power is interrupted. This receiver satisfies those requirements.
    I also bought SKU 120198 which is very similar inside (both use OVC3860 bluetooth chip) and performs the same. (The case can be pried apart fairly easily to reveal the guts.)This receiver identifies itself as "SF-LY002A" when pairing with a transmitter. There is a blinking light and short audible tones to show pairing/connection status.If the transmitting device has a user-interface (like a phone) then you will need to enter "0000" as the passcode. Simple transmitters like SKU 140353 will pair automatically with this receiver. Just place them nearby and turn them on.
    Great and cheap.
  • Very practical and easy to use

    posted by paulomauricio

    -The micro quickly recognizes this device.- Has built-in rechargeable battery which makes it even more versatile.- Excellent audio quality, comparable to a direct connection.
    Great for use at parties by eliminating the need to be close to the amplifier to select the songs: do this on your mobile phone, up to 30 metres away from the amplifier.
    Follow these steps: 1) connect the unit to the audio input (AUX) of your amplifier. 2) enable bluetooth communication on your mobile phone. 3) press button on the device. 4) When the cell to identify the new device, accept it.
  • Excellent, easy install, good sound

    posted by WPgogo

    This gadget turned out very easy to install: just connect it to my stereo, just pair it via bluetooth, and everything worked automaticly.Sound quality: I was a bit anxious as in a shop they told me I needed a 500 Euro device to get good sound quality. maybe that would have been even better, but this is tottally sufficient for it's purpose: play music from my smartphone over my stereo.
    None, really.
    Excellent, easy install, good sound. Well worth the money.
  • Does what it should do

    posted by grossermensch

    I use this to listen to music on my home stereo system while also using my phone for other things. This is an easy and convenient way of transmitting music without wires. It can be used with a laptop too, if you want to watch a movie in bed but don't want to listen to crappy laptop speaker sound.
    The cons aren't real cons and I never hoped to get an a2dp music receiver so cheap.
    I recommend this.
  • Buen producto, compacto y funcional

    posted by kynerox

    El dispositivo es bastante chico, por lo que se puede conectar en cualquier lado. Funciona con batería recargable por lo que no tenes que usar pilas. Bastante simple de usar, una vez vinculado con el celular las proximas veces solo hace falta prender el dispositivo y empieza a reproducirse.
    El cable de carga es un poco corto, pero no se necesita de más. Producto recomendado.
    Cumple perfectamente con las funciones para el cual está hecho, es muy recomendado.

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