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bluetooth wireless audio receiver Customers Reviews

  • High quality Bluetooth audio to analog audio receiver/coverter

    posted by PiotrMB

    High quality, extremely simple to use device. It works with variety of devices, including very old one - without a single interruption. Internal battery lasts for even longer that 8 hrs., but most important thing is that if you leave it powered it remains ready all the time.Sound is digitally crisp, someone did a very good job designing this.Additionally, you get a pack.of cables, so you're immediately ready to go.
    No more RCA or 3.5 jack cables from my smartphone/tablet/laptop to speakers!
    Honestly, I can truly recommend it. Works like a charm.
  • Great Product, I'm using it my RV

    posted by CobaltBill

    Works great. Setup and sync'd with my iPhone in 30 sec. Plugged it in to the stereo in my RV and powered it by a separate AC adapter. Works from up to 50 ft away outside.Stays synced overnight, so I just turn on the stereo in the morning and start streaming music from my phone.The sound quality is excellent, and not subject to interference from other systems or devices. When i get the phone too far away, the sound simply stops, no harsh noise or static.
    Ordered this with several other items. My order was broken into multiple shipments, but all arrived in good condition.
    If you like playing music off your phone, get this and the AC or USB power adapter.
  • Great for the car

    posted by rafaalvfe

    It's a great gadget, with great battery and a very easy setup, I bought three of them and they all work great and have a very good sound quality.It has a very good signal range, even better than my speaker's bluetooth.
    Automatic pairing with the iphone when you turn it on. It would me nice to have some music control buttons.
    it is a great gadget for every day, for the car or the home audio system
  • A bargain!

    posted by erucolindo

    lightweight (and I do mean it - it's really light for a device of this size!), nice design, and easy to use - if you have a mobile BT headset, you won't have any problems with operating this thingy.due to its weight and a built-in battery it might be used as a sort of portable receiver (you can plug your headphones and walk around your room listening to music, while not disturbing anyone else).I had no problems with paring it with my notebook (a Noah's era toshiba), tablet (samsung galaxy tab 3 10") and my mobile (htc desire x. Toshiba sees it as a multimedia device, both tablet and mobile see it as BT headphones. I haven't checked my family members' devices, though I bet it would pair with those as well.No problems with charging it's battery and listening to music at the same time.
    I never measured it's battery life. All I can say is that it's enough to use it for an unexpectedly long time.
    I recommend this gadget, especially if you have some old stero equipment that can't play mp3s but has an audio input... And if you don't want any cables getting in your way.
  • Work exceeds my expectation. Really happy with the purchase

    posted by bontakun

    -Audio quality can be compared to wired aux input. Can't tell the difference.-Bluetooth v3.0-Built-in battery for portability-Simple operation, didn't have to use the manual.-Metal casing, firm solid build.-No interference noise while using in the car when driving even if its right beside the charger compared to FM transmitter.
    Really good purchase decision I made. Was skeptical when I read some other online reviews. There are not many sites contain specs and information. Everything is in Chinese but that wasn't a problem for me since I can read them. But an English manual would be really helpful for those who can't read Chinese.
    Overall pretty solid build. Good audio quality, good signal and range (tested up to 8 meters behind a wall), not prone to general EM interference, good size and built-in battery for portability. Easy to operate, didn't have to read the manual. Will buy another one in the future.

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