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  • Ultra cool Cellphone gadget!

    posted by alter

    It looks good and is comfortable to wear (unlike another cellwatch I have) The hardware buttons are very useful when you don't want ot use the touch screen or need to do somethign quick without pulling out the stylus. Screen is ultra brilliant. Camera is easy to aim. Speakerphone works great!
    This is such a cool device that lets you make hands free speakerphone calls from your wrist or through bbluetooth. As an aded bonus, this phone separates from the band allowing you to use it anywhere as a speakerphone. Say if you want to attach it to your bike handle or something.
    Great gadget. Highly recommend over other cell watches I've had.
  • Worth the price for being an innovation

    posted by notax

    The cellphone Works very well and if you also buy a bluetooh headset will be perfect. It has several settings to best suit your way. Apesar de a tela ser pequena é possível acessar os itens dos menus facilmente. I enjoyed it very much.
    It is a very cool product. People are amazed when I answer the phone. I recommend.
    Thats ok.

    posted by vsarojeya

    the watch recognized and connected immediately. It makes calls, receives calls, receives sms text messages. I haven't tried sending an sms yet. I got it primarily for the voice recorder and built in speaker, and this works well. It's not the clearest sounding recording, but good enough to hear my periodic recordings of things to do.
    The touch screen is responsive. If I have to enter numbers I'll use a pointy things lying around the house to tap the right number on the touch screen. Otherwise the OK and Menu buttons work with my fat fingers.
    students phone
  • Good for a Teenphone

    posted by polomatus

    It has a great MP3 player, the camera is awesome, the Bluetooth makes it quite portable and the external speaker have good sound quality. I feel like Dick Tracey when talking on the phone. Great for distracted people as my niece that loose quite often the phones, this one stay on her hand.
    The battery is quite good and makes a great energy saving allowing it to work for long time with recharge, even the extra battery is a good touch.
    Good for the price but the charger is a large limit.
  • very good devices

    posted by sayedjawad

    Waterproof, light weight gadget, connectable to pc through USB, Tri-color status led: red - 10000 steps, green - alarm, blue - bluetooth? (i do not have a bluetooth v 4.0 device), up to eight vibration alarm clocks with a choice of days of the week and time for each. Very fast charge after first time fully charged - about 5-10 minutes (on next day).
    It's very nice if you want to be more aware of the amount of exercise you make and of the way you sleep and encourages you do move more and sleep better.
    thank you very mach

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