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  • Nice but simply useless

    posted by Oppengamer

    Easy to use. Incoming number display. time display. Metal wrist band. Seems solid and heavy.
    Cheap package and small battery inside watches. Maybe blue-tooth technology is not so expensive.
    Nice present. but not for me. It's the same as silent mode on phone. Just on your wrist. Also you need to charge it always - this is uncomfortable to bring charge cable with you.
  • Useful gadget for music listeners

    posted by mur4v3y

    Easy in use - just several combinations to handle it.Good looking - stylish white silicone bracelet fits nice to any clothing.Useful - I stopped missing calls since I bought it.
    Bought it twice - the first one didn't start charging when I connected it to my notebook at first time. The second one started to charge after ~10 minutes from switching it on. It seems like battery was almost dead when I bought it. But it is working now for two weeks almost every day for 1-2 hour a day.
    I'm happy I bought it.I often lwalk in headphones and do not hear or feel my phone ringing or vibrating in my pocket. No I know that I will feel every call =)Nice gadget, I like it.
  • BT Bracelet

    posted by Borgoth

    -It vibrates every when you get a call.
    -Has 3 different led colors to indicate it's status/connection.
    -It's Stylish.
    -Comfortable to wear.
    -An English manual
    -Vibrates if you suddenly lose connection with your phone.
    It's a nice black bracelet that came in a tin box. If you follow the manual it's easy to connect it the first time. Tho the manual says it will blink red/blue when trying to connect, it will flash red/green instead. Not a bid deal, you will recognize the pattern when you see it.
    I already knew it didn't had a speaker. But I can't listen to music anymore when the bracelet is connected. It will play the music through the "headset". But because it doesn't has one, you don't hear anything. Not a big deal either, I use my wired ear plugs when listening anyway, so I can't miss a can then.
    A must have when you miss a call frequently or can't have a phone in your pocket. (and would miss the call that way)


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