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bluetooth v2.0 Customers Reviews

  • The best case for galaxy tab 10.1

    posted by gammarome

    Cheap, resistent, elegant, easy to use including first conexion, nice battery duration, good leather quality, match perfect with the tab, protect to the tab very well, do not cover any parts of the display,
    Long battery duration, and chargeable using micro-usb. Bluetooth conectivity
    It's the best complement for your galaxy tab. I'm very happy with it. If you have a galaxy tab 10.1, don't doubt, this is the best leather case.
  • great device!!

    posted by mrtorture

    Perfect device for any bluetooh audio transmissions!Just plug it on any powered USB, then jack the audio cable, sync your bluetooth device with passcode 0000 and voilá! Nothing else to set up!Great sound quality. Tried playing some musics from my iPhone with this device feeding my Bose box and didn't notice any flaws on the quality.A must buy device if you want to make your car sound system works with bluetooh or if you want to improve your home audio system.
    Perfect device for DIY projects if you want a cheap bluetooth device for audio transmission! You can make any ordinary sound system into wireless, just buy a USB power adapter together and done!
    A longer 3.5mm audio jack would be nice!
  • Perfect!

    posted by lucasnzmoura

    It works perfect. The sound is very good and loud.it is very easy and simple to configure.You just turn on the bluetooth speaker, and pair with your cellphone or laptop and it starts to work.You can control the music both by the speaker and your gadget (cellphone or laptop). It means that you can play, pause, change the song or the volume.
    It has a beautiful design! You can bring to everywhere and make a party with yours favorite songs or with anyone's songs.
    A very good quality by a low price. Definetly, it was perfect to me.
  • Excellent

    posted by Ledaboger

    Very easy to install and operateVery nice designGood quality of sound It works fine with my cellphone galaxy s3The sound is clear and there are no noise on transmition
    I´m very satisfied with the product, it is not a professional device, but the cost is low if compared to a high end gadgetIt does what is says and worth the price that I´ve paid for
    Very nice cost & benefit relationI recommend this product and I´m very happy with this acquisition
  • Decent little bluetooth receiver

    posted by antidamage

    Easy to hook up, even smaller than you'd imagine from the pictures and a piece of cake to use. Had no trouble connecting to an iPhone/iPad.
    Despite the cons easily the nicest bluetooth adapter I've used. Does the job and does it well. I cannot say enough how surprised I was at how small this is, even after looking at the pictures. It's smaller than a matchbox and basically sits inline with your cables. I taped mine into the loom.
    Buy it, put it in your car, forgeddaboutit. This is 100% better than having to dock and plug in your iPhone each time you get in the car. Thinking about getting one for the stereo at home.

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