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bluetooth stereo headphone

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bluetooth stereo headphone Customers Reviews

  • Surprisingly good

    posted by Quiler

    * Good sound quality* Easy pairing with devices like cell phones, videogames and computers* Muffles external sound* Sturdy package* Confortable* Fits the ears well* Small enough to carry everywhere
    Great product, for a great price. If the hinges and moving parts were made of metal it would be perfect, but with care it'll last a lifetime. Sound quality is good enough to enjoy music and hear all the instruments.
    If mine breaks I'll certainly buy another.
  • Good item with one fatal flaw

    posted by NotNice2u

    -Good build quality-long battery life-Awesome sound quality
    Can look a little weird in public, depends on your clothing style.
    If you find a way to improve your Bluetooth connection it's a good product in all the other aspects.
  • Good Product

    posted by Jerbuoy

    Works perfect and great on iphones, ipads, and phones that has Bluetooth capability. Nice sounds quality and connect easily, just activate the bluetooth on phones first and then this bluetooth device afterwards to connect without a problem.
    Does not recognize by PC or by laptop but it's perfect on phones with bluetooth. I'm satisfied with this product.
    I'm satisfied with this product.
  • Amazing bass. Best deal anywhere!

    posted by lenmason

    Lightweight yet isolatingAmazing dynamic rangeWirelessGood volume levelPhone compatible
    I love these headphones. I listen to electronic mostly, and these headphones pick up everything nice highs and awesome bass! The ear cushion came off once, but easily twisted back on. Made a call with them, the person on the other end said it sounded great. I am very happy with these headphones.
    Cheap and seemingly fragile, but amazing sound and so many features. If they break, which after three months, mine haven't, I have no problem picking up another pair for the price. You can't go wrong with these!
  • Thats a bluechip product in DX!

    posted by calbraz

    - Very high-end product. Certainly one of the best products available in the website.- Relatively unexpensive for the quality... same kind of product cost at least twice the price announced here.- Nice glossy finish... I have no trouble with some fingerprints on it after use.- Very very nice batteries... I use it for many hours without the need of recharging.
    - If you want to use it with a non-bluetooth device, I recommend the Bluetooth audio transmitter dongle, SKU 80115. Very ease to pair... transmittion is seamless if the dongle's batteries are full. It provides a transmition range of about 10m if no obstructions in the way, or about 6 m if there is a wall.
    I certainly do not regret of this purchase. It is not overpriced, considering its quality and you will have a spetacular device to use.

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