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bluetooth screen Customers Reviews

  • this is cool

    posted by thesqz

    the voicerecognition works pretty well (at least when you take the time to record problematic phrases in the voice recognition library, see multimedia menu). I can say "call tim" or "find tim" or "find chicago" or "show <menuitem>". Speaking with the headset is perfect (it has a builtin microphone). Yesterday I tested it in a club with loud music without headset (just talking in the watch) and it was 'workable' as in being able to tell where you are :) Battery is now working straight for 3 days already (they've included 2). Camera works,saves to .mp4(!) all works. Its a bit big but that also makes it pretty cool..I mean its a watch with SD-card, a camera and it can even make calls :D The quality looks pretty solid. Btw. hint: if you purchase it..don't judge the touchscreen responsiveness before you *calibrate the touchscreen* in the settings menu. After that it works like a charm.
    I wonder if this works as well with it : http://www.dx.com/p/ccy-s324-in-ear-earphone-w-microphone-black-mini-usb-plug-120cm-159358Would be nice to have a spare headset.Also I'm having my doubts whether the cameraposition doesnt interfere with privacy (its pointed to others instead of to you). I don't think the apple iwatch can make this decision without problems :)Ofcoarse I would also be curious how to access the internal ROM, files etc ..or run linux etc :) But that seems not very likely since its pretty proprietary.
    this is coming straight from the future. Great asian technology.
  • gps/bluettooth touchscreen radio

    posted by madvet

    Looks great. No super small fiddly buttons but large volume and navi buttons. Well packaged.
    As always dx delivers. And in therare case something goes wrong they solve your problem or refund you.Well packaged, thick foam padding.
    Nice, good looking, simple navi.Just make sure you've installed a radio or2before. Than this won't cause any problems.
  • Great Media Center.

    posted by joaojoca

    It has very good image quality, way better than my other DVD player.It is fast also, the transitions between modes, images and menus are very fast, the iGo navigator did work very fast also.Does not get hot and as it does not have fan, there is no disturbing noise.
    It does work very well. I am really happy with its image quality and fast operation. Also it is quiet (no fan noise), that bothers me a lot in the other DVD player I have.
    Great product.It would be much better with an internal WiFi function, what would free the USB interface for the 3G dongle only.
  • It functions well as stated on the web site

    posted by Wei38134

    Easy to use. Easy to navigate.Bluetooth works.It has more games than I expected.It has a speaker for music playing.Reasonably clearly instruction. GPS accuracy is between 2-5 meters by my estimate. Very good performance.Without additional SD card, it can still hold some music and many pictures!
    It would be perfect if it had WiFi and a camera. I wish...
    Highly recommend it.
  • Big screen, multi-functional

    posted by hookee25

    Great big-size screen, in GPS-mode lots of details of surroundings, large enough for videos in the car.
    Easy to use (after initiation) and multi functional; movies, music, Windows CE with Word.
    Power supply comes with US plug, which is strange when the GPS maps are European. Anyway the car charger is universal.
    Nice product, large video screen for a sharp price.
    It's not to be handled by (young) children; a stronger casing or a seperate protective case would've made a big difference

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