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  • Nice for new cars

    posted by Valerk0

    Compact, good quality plastic, Power button and indication. Well suited for cars with obd plug situated under steering wheel so the knees will not be toched. The bluetooth coverage is about 20m that is more than enough for monitoring.
    It is proven for working with Ford Fiesta 2008. The mobile phone software Torque under Android works well with this device. Note that data amount aquired by device and displayed by soft is limited mostly by your car computer. It also useful to unlock car cpu in case of any error occured during driving.
    Nice to have.
  • Works great

    posted by Staplez

    This has worked on each ODBII car I have plugged this into using the "Torque" app from the android playstore. You really do get a lot of information very quickly from this device paired to a smart phone.I would highly recommend this for the home mechanic. or thos that want to have a digital boost gauge displayed on their phone.
    Note to users outside USA. you might read on the web that all cars manufactured and sold from 1996 are required to have a OBDII port. This was for the USA only! other parts of the world have been slower adopters of the OBDII standard. So it is no sure thing if you have a car manufactured after 96. Secondly other types of Diagnostic ports can use the same 16 pin plug. (eg OBD1, JDM, DTC and more) So just because it looks like OBDII doesn't mean it is. These aren't problems with the product, i'm just trying to give a little info to other users.
    Bottom line is this is a great product and the price and easy of ouse are fantastic. 5 stars all round.
  • good gadget, work with windows

    posted by schayg

    Lightweight, works with windows well. Easy to set up, and operate. The bluetooth has a reasonable range of operation.
    A dedicated smartphone software could pump up the usability and fun.Windows mobile does not work with the CD, nor does iPhone 4.Android can be made working, but not all functions will work.
    good buy, also as a gadget to see the mesured values while driving.
  • ELM327 OBD2 Bluettoth

    posted by Nae8eaN

    I love this ELM327 OBD2 Bluetooth V1.5 Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool - White ^_^ easy to use i still don't know if this really work because it detect no error on my Honda CRV i need to wait for my car become faulty before i can really sure it is working. but i can say this device looks working no error because my car is in good condition. and the dashboard all working and accurate using torque pro i downloaded on google playstore. the build quality is good and its more look better in real than the sample picture here.
    This fit on my car obdII socket and easy to pair on bluetooth and fast error reading ^_^
    To use this 1st you need to know if your car is OBDII supported then 2nd install Torque Pro i downloaded on google play if your cd has installer and not empty install them and use it ^_^ I will explain using Torque Pro after install finish go to your car and insert your new OBDII to your car OBDII socket after that you will see no light means off if open turn it off to save var battery then turn on your car engine using your car key then open your Android Bluetooth then push the power button of the OBDII to make it on and the light turn on and check your phone under bluetooth setting you will see device name OBDII then click it then pair it using 1234 now it say your device is paired but not connected don't panic go to Torque Pro and its now connected and check OBDII status on Torque Pro if all ok and you can also record video while using the dasboard feature serach it on google there a lot of plugin you can download and compatible on Torque Pro ^_^ fault error take less 1min.
  • good quality,works perfect

    posted by thebest12

    I bought it to replace the wired one i had.Very easy to install, just plug the bluetooth, press the button from the scanner, and ready to use, and to read the barcodes
    The only thing that i couldn't fix, is how to make it, not to sleep the scanner, after 20secs. So every time i use it, i wait for 3secs in order to be ready
    i would recommend to every one, as it makes that it says, 5times cheaper than the originals

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