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bluetooth music speakers Customers Reviews

  • Best BT-Speaker so far

    posted by Fasti2

    It's a Stereo Speaker and has an additional Bass-Speaker so the Sound-Quality is quite good for such a small speaker system. Setup is easy and the changeable Battery lasts for more than 1 hour listening (I didn't have the opportunity yet to test it beyond 1 hour continuously). The possibility to use it as a Hands free BT Telephone system is another plus. Also the possibility to use a 3.5mm standard stereo audio jack instead of Bluetooth makes it a versatile travel companion. Charging via USB is also a big plus, so you don't need a special wall plug and can even charge it with your laptop or phone charger.And last but not least this small speaker is quite loud for it's size. If you don't exaggerate the volume setting you get pretty good sound and good loudness without too much distortion.
    Put it on a hard surface to get best Bass and sound quality. If you put it on a textile surface like a carpet, the Bass and the Higher tones get too much attenuated so it doesn't sound that good anymore.
    For that price the best speaker I know. I had a HAMA BT-200 before (which was stolen unfortunately) and this one was to replace the HAMA. The Bass is even better than with the BT-200 at 1/3rd the price. Features are quite the same but the DX speaker doesn't need a proprietary charging wall plug. But I have to say that the haptics of the BT-200 is much better than that of the DX one but that's not much of a con here because of the price.
  • Perfect!!!!

    posted by sogecable

    Great quality product! I really like for portable uses. Sounds great. i was thinking about buying another one more expensive, but this one was perfect what i wanted for. Battery has a longer life what i though.
    Some more colors, i like black better, but it's on white and some more color.
    i recomend buy thi product if you are interested in something really portable.
  • Great product and quality

    posted by roysevilla

    It's very small and practical to carry. Also it's super easy to use and pair with other devices. Tha range it's a lil' more than 10 meters and the quality of the sound it's perfect. Also with my iPhone and iPad (devices I tested it with) ones it's paired, it auto connect with when turn ON. So for the when going out with the car it's awesome.
    It will be great if the jack plug 3.5 be more resistent or harder to avoid a possible break out. But if you manage gently or don't carry it a lot, just leave it where you use it more often, I think i will perdure a lot of time without problems.
    It came with 1 easy manual in english, 1 usb cable to charge and nice simple box packing. In general it's a very cool product, and works like it says.
  • Might not work

    posted by nanino

    Small, easy to connect, simple and well built.The inner circuit is properly labeled and makes it easy to modify
    You might need to "Frankenstein" it to make it work if the speaker does not power the device
    Very useful for homemade embedded System(What I used it for actually)
  • Works perfectly

    posted by RahzaDream

    -Much better value than similar products being offered that accomplish the same thing-LED on top to indicate connected status-No external power needed! Is powered by the iPod/iPhone dock port on whatever it is plugged into.-Great Bluetooth audio quality, did not notice any quality loss-Good range, was able to get 30ft away from the unit before signal began to degrade.
    Great for adding A2DP bluetooth audio to those old iPod speaker docks. Breathes new life into them by making them wirelss & universal (android phones can use them now!)
    Will likely be buying more for my other old speaker docks.. Now you don't have to throw these away or sell them!

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