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bluetooth motorcycle helmet

These cool bluetooth motorcycle helmet are high quality and at affordable prices. DX is an E-commerce online retailer situated in China with more than 100,000 cool gadgets with free worldwide shipping. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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bluetooth motorcycle helmet Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic - for what it is

    posted by ukulelepeter

    This is a great unit for speaking to your passenger. It makes it possible to have a conversation while driving in the city. It's well built, water resistant, and seems it will take a beating. The boom mic and headphones fit snugly in your helmet. They will also pair with my phone, making it simple to listen to music or talk when riding solo.
    Not great with other riders or high speed.
    It's very cheap and does what it says it does. A reasonable set of instructions, a well built unit and a good price. As long and you understand it's limitations it's a great buy.
  • Great deal for the price (compared to branded altenatives)

    posted by Metis

    Easy to install, the battery lasts for a long time (not measured yet), it works just as expected. AD2P works well (but it takes a little time to respond to commands -play, pause...-, like a second or so). Unbeatable price compared to branded alternatives (search for the price on a Cardo Scala Rider Q2 Pro, with same features). Radio reception is bad, but not as terrible as in Cardo Scala Rider Q2 :-) Also for you hackers out there, it has a (sort of) SKU 80711 inside!! (with modified firmware, I guess). If it were to fail during a ride (who knows), it's very easy to unlock it to disconnect the mic and speakers.
    I didn't test its range in intercom mode, but I seriously doubt it will communicate at 100m. Little wire hanging out the enclosure is the antenna for bluetooth. I would improve the amp for the speakers (so it could be louder) and the firmware (so it could be paired with Cardo intercoms).
    Buy this if you want to ride while listening to music or answering telephone calls. Also if you want to talk with a passenger or if you are a lonely rider who wants to rock the road :-) If you want this for the radio or if your friends have Cardo intercoms, look for an alternative.
  • Works fine

    posted by Dirkske

    Easy to install. Good sound quality, even at high speeds (>100km/h) with open helmet. I have bought 3 units and it works fine,with 3 people. Easy connection with BT devices. Battery live is as advertised.
    To be able to speak to more than 1 person you have to dial in (push button once for person A or twice for person B). You'r not able to speak with more than one person at a time.
    I would buy this unit again and would advice it to other people. Price/Quality is super.
  • I loved this Great gadget

    posted by fenix6232

    it is really useful This gadget makes your touring ride and travel much more pleasant, my recomendation, buy this product.The size and accessories. Intercom works perfectly.easily fit it into my helmet without much problems and have been using it since then for communication and music and calls via bluetooth to my S3 and other devices
    the sound is good, even can say very good.ride with girlfriend, talk during all the ride. talk with others while driving.the connection with the phone and other devices is immediate .
    in my opinion, so far, it worth the money.not the best you can have, but It works exactly as described. I've tried it with my passenger and other riders
  • Very good interphone for motorcycle

    posted by kaareolai

    2 headsets in the packet.Very good mounting.Waterproof.Rechargeable batteries with reasonable working time.Can be used towards bluetooth mobiles. Full and quite clear communication, also because of 2 speakers on each set. I tested range: it has in excess of 300 meters range as interphone between 2 headsets.
    Have not really tested to find out, but had been nice if you could change between intercom and bluetooth towards mobile phone.
    Good value for money.


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