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  • Not bad

    posted by whataniceice

    Bluetooth very goodThe sound quality is also very good and I can't tell the difference between bluetooth and wired.Wires that it comes with are very good quality and the carrying bag is useful.
    This headphone could be better quality and a bit slimmer because when I wear it, it extends like a bit more than a inch from my head.
    For users with a big head, don't get this headphone as you can't adjust the size.However, if you have a small to medium sized head with many bluetooth devices, this headphone is for you.
  • Update to Last Review

    posted by pss2010

    -Solid Build wont break frame too quick-Easy on the ears-comfy-neutral color black and white-Sound great
    Right since the manual is ChingLish and readsbadly I decided to write a how to for each function.Before trying to use them.. fully charge resistthe temptation to play as Im sure they go wrongif battery is low.-To turn on MP3. just press once quickly the MP3button next to the volume- a ligth green lightwill come ondo not press the Phone/BT power on key seemswhile the green light is on seems to mess it up- To play and pause press once the middle earbutton with play symbol-To skip track to next >> key around the middlebutton and << to skip back quick press onlynot long press may stuff up controls-To turn on FM.. you first have to click the MP3button so its green lit then press and hold thevolume+ key for 2 seconds. -To turn off FM, again press the Vol+ for 2 secondsMp3 will start to play again. so do the mp3 turn off to shutdown completely
    -To turn on BT make sure fm/mp3 is off firstand click and hold the PHONE symbol button for3 seconds-Keep pressing until it flashes fast blue and redmeans its sending out pairing info. which you thenon android or pc device with BT search and pair with itif asks for key enter 0000-TO turn off, press and hold phone key until beepsand red solid light then goes off-charging it will blink red and fully charge will turn offred light then unplug from charger-vol - and + single quick buttons to increment etc-FM turning.. click and hold the >> if station hissyclick the play/pause and it resume scanning to nextstation-So again they can be a good buy if dont have a pairlike I got or maybe they fix themselves LOL
  • super

    posted by GreyDiver

    Sound is super, even via bluetooth!!! I compared this headphone compaired with professional one.Strongly recommend to everybody to buy this headphone. Best for this price!!!!
    Strongly recommend to everybody to buy this headphone.
    Strongly recommend to everybody to buy this headphone.if u wanna ask me reg this headphones, u can send me a mail to sevastyanov.denis@gmail.com
  • Working as cell bluetooth headset

    posted by winttor

    Works with cell phone. FM Radio works. MP3 works.Long working time.Cool looking.
    It would be awesome if the manufacture or DX can provide support on the usb driver, and bluetooth driver to transfer files. As for Ipod, I gave up.
    It works with cell phone.
  • Very good.

    posted by drewcrosby

    Compact without being too small.Accepts multiple inputs: 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth, SD/TF card (up to 64GB according to manual).Easy BT pairing.Good sound quality with better bass than I expected.Can be used as a hands-free Bluetooth caller.Uses microUSB to charge.MicroUSB and 3.5mm cables included.Looks nice, and the red/blue LED ring is neat.Can control Bluetooth music playback from phone using buttons on speaker.Having it connected to a charger doesn't seem to affect sound quality like some other speakers while connected with the 3.5mm cable.
    I was pleasantly surprised with how good this speaker sounds. Just have to keep the volume at reasonable levels, because it'll distort at very high volumes. The English in the manual is good enough to be easily understood. The buttons aren't marked with their secondary uses, but they're shown in the manual.
    So far, this seems to be a very good speaker for the price. After I've had it for a month or two, I'll update this review if anything changes. As it is now, I'd recommend this speaker.


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