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Every single bluetooth headset displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. bluetooth mp3 headset or bluetooth headset v2.1 may offer more options for you. With your support, we can do better.
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bluetooth headset Customers Reviews

  • "Good" handsfree

    posted by PasiO

    Easy to use.Good build quality.Weight almost nothing.
    The device fits over your ear if you do not try to push the earpiece deeper into the ear. For me the earpiece causes mild pain in the ear.
    Good product at a moderate voice if it fits on your ear.I would not buy this product for another time. The reason is not the sound quality, its the size of the earpiece.
  • A good bluetooth headset, with a long duration battery and fast reacharged

    posted by eduardohrda

    This headset is awesome. It works perfectly if you hold your smartphone in your front pocket, which is my case. So, it doesn't suffer too much because of the interference. The battery last for a good amount of time, around 2-3 hours of use. The recharge is very, very quickly. I didn't count the precise time, but I guess a 30 minutes pluged in the PC recovers completely the battery.
    The cable charger could be a little bit longer. The plug used to charge the headset could be more default too. It is thin and small, which is suitable for the gadget. But it is hard to find another charger to substitute this one if we miss it or if it simply stop working.
    A good headset, with reasoble battery duration and good chage rate.
  • bluetooth headset

    posted by jinglestudio

    works oke , long battery time , fits wel around the ears , doesn't hurt when wearing long time , bluetooth 3.0 edr supported , superfast shipping by dx , cheap , also music function is supported by pressing the connection button 1 time , it will give the command to play the music stored on your phone's memory , pressing the button 2 times wil function as "redail last number" , also stereo bluetooth set , and clip included to clip the unit somewhere and not in your ear ,and use the included second earphone unit ( the stereo part ) as speaker unit .
    chinese woman voice prompting on connection status / incoming call / batterij status is funny , don't understand chinese language , would rather have it in english , but does not seem to be possible to change that , can live with that function , unit works fine
    it's cheap , works well , if you need a bluetooth headset and don't mind the chinese voice prompts , i can reccomend this one , buy it !
  • Does Its Work

    posted by xisberto

    Easy of use, the configuration with the phone is quick.
    The user manual helps a lot, best read it before trying to use.
    It's easy to change the music, increase and decrease the volume, play and pause.
    I haven't test the microphone, so I can't say how it works.
  • Very good for that price

    posted by Magelan

    Sync perfectly and quickly with my Omnia. Fits perfectly in my earThe sound quality of this headset is great. I don't run into complaints of people not being able to hear me. The buttons are easy to access and pairing the headset is a snap. After buying the first, I bought a second as a backup. For the price, I was able to have two of these for less than it normally costs for one.
    I needed to tell everyone that, if you buy this headset, you will not be disappointed. It is as good as any other of the more expensive ones, when it comes to sound quality.
    If you want a cheap bluetooth headset for your mobile phone, buy it.

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