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bluetooth headphone v2.1

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bluetooth headphone v2.1 Customers Reviews

  • AT-BT802 Bluetooth V2.1

    posted by Thymalllus

    Appearance headset, bluetooth v2.1, compact dimensions - the possibility of composition, FM radio, simple pairing, nice sound via BT (sony mobile), buttons can control the music on the Bluetooth device (mobile phone, PC - windows media player)...
    good price, good product (for BT use)
    this product is very easy to use
  • Great sounding Bluetooth headphones

    posted by Orion76

    Great fit- great sound - great look - easy to use also great price These are by far the best Bluetooth headphones for the dollar you will ever own ,they sound and work so great
    Wish they would make a pair with a leather ear peace , but maybe soon right .If not that's ok cuz they are great anyway
    If you are looking for Bluetooth headphones then go no further cuz these are great and they are going for a great price
  • Fine headphones for the value

    posted by TuPP3

    +Wireless Bluetooth works well with PC and Windows Lumia phone(Play&Pause works too for Lumia!)+Volume adjustment is seamless and very wide range. Also notifies with beeping when Max or Min stage is reached+Quality is good and overall appearance is very nice+Allows both 3.5mm and Bluetooth+Easy to use
    Soud quality is 7/10 in my opinion. Sound could be richer. Bass is bit too echoy and sounds somewhat fake. It's fine for the value though.
    Very handy lower price range headphones, but I recommend adding few bucks for better design and sound quality.
  • Good

    posted by SousukeARX7

    Good and solid product, good (not excellent) sound quality and easy to use, the battery lasts a long time too.
    The rod could be larger.
    Overall the product is good and solid but the lack of drivers and the need to pay for them is a drawback.
  • Very comfy headphones for good price

    posted by jankapusta

    - easy to connect with phone (i have Android phone)- can use classic audio cord when battery is dead - music plays even when headphones are turned off- audio quality is fine- all controls on headphones- you can use it for phone calls as well
    I was wondering how it will work. Mainly because of combination audio cord and Bluetooth. -- Hardware quality ----Seems well. Buttons has good response. All buttons are real buttons (no touch panels). Position of each speaker can be adjusted - 3 cm on each side (up-down).-- Pairing ----I opened box, and I followed instructions. Turned on Bluetooth on phone, press and hold play button on headphones, until red/blue light started to blink. There were paired without problems. In few seconds. No codes needed (I think my phone pairs automatically when code 0000 is expected). -- Play music ----Very simple, i just played my playlist, and music started in headphones. Buttons works well. Play/pause button has aprox. 1 second response. Next/prev works, very fast response. For adjusting volume - you need to press and hold prev/next buttons. This need some time to use to it, but it works well. When I plug audio cable - buttons still works - except volume control.
    Handy and useful headphones. Good quality for reasonable price.I did not test phone calls yet. And I need more time to see battery life.

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