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bluetooth cell Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product at a good price

    posted by Bartx123

    Excellent product ,classic gamepad layout - works well on Android without extra drivers - decent build quality , very much less expensive - ergonomic shape (for All Hands) The stick has a beautiful design. I really needed that!! It works well! The parts have a good quality and size of the stick is ideal for carrying anywhere.
    I really needed that!! It works well!! RECOMENDED!
    Good price and excellent product , RECOMENDED!!!!
  • Awesome universal inexpencive

    posted by phoenexous

    Its VERY easy to use and easily clips on to the sun-visor or somewhere on the dash.Comes with its own (phone like) battery and adapter to charge it in the car or with a UBS device.Was a good price and better quality than expected.Nice size, doesn't get in the way of driving.Can access music on your phones playlist.
    Makes for a good inexpensive present.Good little upgrade for yourself if you do not have a car with Blue-tooth already.
    If you need a blue-tooth speaker for the car and don't have a lot of money this is for you.

    posted by Ndsouza

    Such a handy piece of technology. Touch of a button answer a call and touch of a button end a call without having to take your eyes of the road or stretch too far which could lead to unfortunate accidents. And it fits easily onto the sun visor. Even comes with a car charger so you never have to run of battery on the go.
    Best price ever for such an awesome gadget. I have seen this device be really expensive around markets where I stay and this was the best price I have ever come across for it. Finally I am hands free in the car.
    Brilliant for those who generally have to answer a lot of calls while on road.
  • Nice toy

    posted by ssgard

    nice cheap well built gadgetyou can place your android tablet on windshield and run rmp display like bad ass street racer
    interesting things it shows-fuel pressure in fuel ramp for common rail engines,air:fuel ratio and other.cannot say that you will waste your money if you buy it. the gadget is pretty interesting for non-profi .car mechanics guys dont buy it.
    this thing cannot help you to fix some problems via can programming but it could help with first step diagnostics
  • Works like a charm on my Nokia E51

    posted by JanEhrhardt

    1. Tiny, light-weight keyboard
    2. Works on my Nokia E51
    3. English description on www.irxon.com
    4. Windows key = left selection key
    5. Menu key = right selection key
    My Nokia E51 was not on the list of supported phones, but I took the plunge and succeeded. Power-on the keyboard, push the connect button, start the 'Wlss. keybd' app on your Nokia (in the Office menu), serach for 'Bluetooth Keyboard, select, enter a passcode on the Nokia (one digit is enough), OK, enter the passcode on the keyboard, enter and you have got connection.
    The keys are tiny and a bit sloppy, but usable. There are seperate keys for esc, tab, capslock, pgup, pgdn, ctrl, alt, winkey, menukey, home, end, ins, backspace, del, enter and even prtscr. The only thing I could not find yet is the euro sign.
    Does what is has to do. Value for your money.

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