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bluetooth auto Customers Reviews

  • Works perfect with Torque

    posted by jzawacki

    Extremely easy to use, just pair it with your phone and launch Torque.Works fine with Chevy Venture and Hyundai Tiburon.Access to a TON of information using Torque (if your vehicle provides it)
    There are a ton of different OBD protocols. Just make sure that this one supports your vehicle and you will be happy.
    If you want to do anything with OBD, get this. The device is cheap enough that even if you only use it once, it's worth it. Compare it to paying $80 to a mechanic just to read an error code and it will save you a ton of money. I purchased it to be able to track the average MPG on my Tiburon. Works great.
  • Fer price,work perfectly,best buy

    posted by AUTOFREAK

    After payment order has arived after cca 25days.In pack You get bloototh elm and little cd for instalation.I install on my pc and i buy torque programm for android phone so now I can use this elm with my Samsung S3.
    In some cases when check engine is on dashboard ELM cant read any problems but when you select to erase it erases anyway and check engine is turned off.
    .For beginers and stylers this thing is ok...specialy when you can use it on mobile phone.
  • Works well and easy to setup and use

    posted by joenickname

    Pairs easily with two cellphones. Convenient shut down after ten minutes disconnection from phone. Very clear voice on both sides of conversation. Microphone is highly sensitive and reacts immediately to voice commands from either driver or passenger. Voice dialing performs above average even when cellphone is in pants pocket.
    Do not know battery life expectancy yet as unit has not been in operation long enough.
    Excellent hands-free unit at reasonable cost.
  • Works great

    posted by Staplez

    This has worked on each ODBII car I have plugged this into using the "Torque" app from the android playstore. You really do get a lot of information very quickly from this device paired to a smart phone.I would highly recommend this for the home mechanic. or thos that want to have a digital boost gauge displayed on their phone.
    Note to users outside USA. you might read on the web that all cars manufactured and sold from 1996 are required to have a OBDII port. This was for the USA only! other parts of the world have been slower adopters of the OBDII standard. So it is no sure thing if you have a car manufactured after 96. Secondly other types of Diagnostic ports can use the same 16 pin plug. (eg OBD1, JDM, DTC and more) So just because it looks like OBDII doesn't mean it is. These aren't problems with the product, i'm just trying to give a little info to other users.
    Bottom line is this is a great product and the price and easy of ouse are fantastic. 5 stars all round.
  • Great driving toy

    posted by JunkMeister

    I bought two of these and they are a great deal. I used one in our car on a 3000 K trip recently. What a blast when you aren't driving! I kept busy the entire time programming in various gauges for all sorts of information. Not only is it very useful it is just plain fun for a gearhead.
    This is a very nice instrument and seems very well made. No problems were encountered in my Jeep. I need another.
    Get one or even three. I gave one to my grandkid.

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