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bluetooth audio jack

It's very convenient for you to find the bluetooth audio jack you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can find what you want at stereo audio jack, rca audio jack. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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bluetooth audio jack Customers Reviews

  • great device!!

    posted by mrtorture

    Perfect device for any bluetooh audio transmissions!Just plug it on any powered USB, then jack the audio cable, sync your bluetooth device with passcode 0000 and voilá! Nothing else to set up!Great sound quality. Tried playing some musics from my iPhone with this device feeding my Bose box and didn't notice any flaws on the quality.A must buy device if you want to make your car sound system works with bluetooh or if you want to improve your home audio system.
    Perfect device for DIY projects if you want a cheap bluetooth device for audio transmission! You can make any ordinary sound system into wireless, just buy a USB power adapter together and done!
    A longer 3.5mm audio jack would be nice!
  • Excellent! Works anywhere, for anything.

    posted by Tirs

    *Small.*Autonomous (thanks to its internal battery, no power input is required, but can use it if available).* Standard (the power input is actually a mini-USB "A" port, so you can plug it to your laptop, PC, etc if you need power).
    I have tested this baby in three settings:* At home, linking my tablet to my Hi-Fi music set (purchased in 1992!). The idea here is to give new possibilities to an excellent music set... and it works! The sound quality is amazing and it does not degrade at all. I can even play the music from another room.* At the car, linking my cellphone (and MP3-player) to the car radio-CD via the Line-in input. Again, excellent. Now I have a Bluetooth-enabled car :-)* Finally, the one most people will probably use: from the computer to a couple of loudspeakers somewhere else in the room. Works fine.
    I bought three of this, and I'm glad I did! One will live permanently in the car, as part of it (bye bye connecting the cellphone with a jack to listen to music), and the other two will service different rooms in the home. RE-CO-MEN-DED! Once again, thanks DX guys!
  • Great way to enjoy wireless sounds

    posted by mx5pixie

    The result has been much better than I expected. The dongle was easy to pair with both my Nokia BH-503 and the generic audio receiver (SKU 8422) I also bought off DealExtreme. The sound quality was great with both receivers.This particular dongle has built in battery, rechargeable through USB. A few hours charging lasted a couple of days. Despite the low price-point the build quality feels good and it’s a nice wee device.It's so useful given the standard 3.5mm audio connector.
    This is a really handy gadget to have whether it's to connect to your MP3 player, computer, TV or stereo. Granted you don't get the track navigation you would with a proper bluetooth in-built audio device but it does free you up from being wired to your sounds. Love it.
  • Works alright

    posted by dealq

    Easy to set up on new mac, osx 10.8.Good enough sound quality for 2.0/2.1 speakers, when in range.Convenient power plug, usb.Yes it needs a power source (not included), but it's the most common plug. Get AC mains --> usb "charger" or car 12V/lighter slot --> usb "charger" and you are good to go.
    Should be usable in a car too, didn't get to try yet.
    Very nice solution for same room untangled interface, laptops, pads, phones.Finally good sound (your sound system or powered "computer" speakers) from a mobile/mobile-ish device.
  • Great Value/Quality

    posted by alexsob

    - Really easy to use.
    - Provides acceptable audio quality.
    - Turns any set of earphones into wireless through bluetooth.
    - Very usefull to connect your bluetooth enabled devices to your car through the AUX port.
    - Compact and discrete, as small as a pocket lighter.
    - Great price, similar devices cost up to 80 USD.
    - Range limited to 5ft (perfect to use inside a car).
    Great device, can be used as a short range "Airtunes", enable any set of speakers or earphones with bluetooth.


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