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  • BT Bracelet

    posted by Borgoth

    -It vibrates every when you get a call.
    -Has 3 different led colors to indicate it's status/connection.
    -It's Stylish.
    -Comfortable to wear.
    -An English manual
    -Vibrates if you suddenly lose connection with your phone.
    It's a nice black bracelet that came in a tin box. If you follow the manual it's easy to connect it the first time. Tho the manual says it will blink red/blue when trying to connect, it will flash red/green instead. Not a bid deal, you will recognize the pattern when you see it.
    I already knew it didn't had a speaker. But I can't listen to music anymore when the bracelet is connected. It will play the music through the "headset". But because it doesn't has one, you don't hear anything. Not a big deal either, I use my wired ear plugs when listening anyway, so I can't miss a can then.
    A must have when you miss a call frequently or can't have a phone in your pocket. (and would miss the call that way)
  • Very nice gadget

    posted by riven78

    Easy to use, good design.It helps you to avoid missing important calls.
    USB cable is unique - not mini or micro USB. This device is not in the least bit waterproof. You cant have a regular headset as well as this bracelet connected to your cell phone at the same time. Because the bracelet acts like a headset from the phone's perspective.
    This device is excellent. I got it because I was always missing calls. I'm happy I bought it. Nice gadget, I like it.
  • Fancy but Finicky

    posted by Phoghat

    This is a nice piece of kit. a lot of women friends of mine admired the way it looks. It does have its uses also. I have it for about a month a the first week I was in a Starbucks and as I was walking out the thing buzzed because I had left the phone on the seat. Pretty amazing that!
    It's easy to pair with your phone also. I have an LG 600and didn't even read the instructions (which were in English, easy to both read and follow) You hold down the power button for 2 seconds and it turns on. Turn on BlueTooth on your phone, put it in seek, hold power button down for 4 seconds and they are paired. It shows up on my phone as "Bracelet".
    I tried to measure line-of-sight transmission distance and got 7 meters, which is pretty good. The question is why should cloth block signal?
    Gimmick. I bought it because of the caller ID. Yes, I know it doesn't show names, doesn't have time feature, but, if you can't recognize your important numbers what can I say. As for time, it's right on your phone. BW, I don't wear a watch unless I'm going out, then I wear my Omega.


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