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Every single blue strip displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

blue strip Customers Reviews

  • Nicely working but directional light

    posted by Ghlargh

    Cheap and ready to use.Gives a fairly even light in the forward direction.Can be easily cut between every third LED without harming the function of the strip.

    Solidly molded in soft plastic, wich means waterproof if ends are sealed.
    i measured one of these to about 1.2A, that's 10mA per LED, wich means they run at half their rated current.
    Buy this and it's red and blue companions if you need to make an RGB installation with flexible waterproof strips.
  • Lovely decoration

    posted by EteXor

    Lovely decoration not only for Christmas. Blue leds shine beautifully and night and are bright enough to be used during daytime in your living room. 8 effect modes that run automatically or you can just select the one you like most.
    I bought the white similar strip and it has been working for a few years.
    I will probably get some other color one too soon.
  • Pretty good in reef tank

    posted by kialilly

    I bought these strips for my reef tank to have more blue light, they're very good, my corals show a lot of fluorescence. They also stay pretty cold, my aluminum substrate remains cold as if they where off. I used a thermal glue bought here on DX to mount them on the aluminum.
    You can cut the strip every 3 leds (a little more than 5 cm as in other led strips).
    The strips are very thin, they require very little space. The light is good, and it hasn't decreased at all yet. I'm really satisfied, I hope they will last long!
  • good item for good price

    posted by salamandr

    Nice blue light, working great, it is really waterproof as it's advertised.For EU electricity standard you just have to change a plug. But this is very easy. Just cut this one and join correct one.
    Hope it will last for a long time.
    It is a good item for that money. You can use it indoor or outdoor... or maybe in/on the vehicle.
  • Good product, a little bit low quality of the adhesive band.

    posted by drulllo

    This product is very functional. the light is very powerful and meets the expectations of the buyer. It handles very well cut and solder the wires is pretty simple.
    it is useful to obtain the shrink wrap to secure the connection between the wires and the light band, if you want to cut it.
    I personally find this product excellent for use inside.when subjected to external factors such as rain, wind, cold, heat, can spoil more quickly, especially when it concerns the glue that fixes it.

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