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blue strap Customers Reviews

  • Feels and looks good, worth the price for sure!

    posted by Webfox

    - looks good- feels good- materials are good
    I've used this at the beach several times and no sand has come in. I haven't tried it in water as I find it tricky to try that with my expensive phone inside, but I'm planning on doing a sponge-test:- put dry sponge in bag- drown in water- dry the outside with a towel- open the bag and see if the sponge is wet/water is inside the caseI am confident it will pass this test, though I haven't tried it yet.
    Well priced, good quality, so worth the money!
  • Great for the price

    posted by Batness

    I bought this for myself since I love my new Android...and let me say that for the price this little guy is fantastic. What does it do? Nothing; it's just a cute keychain! But boy is it cute.Pros:Soft-ish feeling body, and yet hasn't gotten scratched or dinged or lint all stuck to it. AND the antennae haven't broken off, which I've had happen with other (more expensive) Android products.LOVE that it comes in more colors than just "Android Green."
    If you want a little something to show the world you're an Android fan and don't wanna fork out money for "official" products, this is the way to go. Comes in several colors, squishy and adorable, easy way to spot an Android fan. I actually bought two different colors, happy with both of them! Bought this one for my brother and a black one for myself.
  • good product for gopro owners

    posted by koifish88

    much cheaper than the original GoPro chest mount, fits well, easy to adjust.Build quality is pretty decent.
    i bought this colour because its cheaper than the black one, strange that they have different pricing for different colour.
    probably will be one of my most used GoPro mounts, buy if you don't mind the colour or have matching blue accessories for the GoPro.
  • Waterproof if closed

    posted by hutoi

    This really is a waterproof lighter. I decided I needed one when I tried to light a fire with a wet DX lighter. It did not work at all, seems the gas lighters are very particular about moisture.Anyways, this is waterproof but only if the lid is shut. I tested it, put it under a running faucet, wiped the excess water off, opened it and lighted. (Second test was under faucet with the lid open, as you can guess it did not light).
    I would love to see a waterproof lighter like this that was made from metal. It would be a good companion on longer hiking trips. And why not shorter hikes too. If you need a fire and can´t light it, your world sucks.
    Working waterproof lighter, made of plastic.
  • Big Bike Bag

    posted by FPS77

    Nice look and fits very well on the bike. Nice size and can be used as a bag because the shoulder strap. There is a lot of spaces for littles thinks. Reflectivity straps for safety. There is a strap to fix a little light on the back. The rainproof cover is very good for rain or mud protection. Good quality material and finish.
    There is a strap on the top to fix somethink outside the bag.Overall is a good buy.
    Recomended for all kinds of riders.

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