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blue silver Customers Reviews

  • Great RFID module for Arduino

    posted by mr22turbo

    Great price, easy to use! Got it working in a few minutes. One small note the pin marked SDA is pin SS in the RC522 library.
    I used the RC522 library (https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid) to connect it to my Arduino. Comes with one card and a key tag, they both work and use an older style 4byte UID. I have not tested yet if the cards are writeable. Can be used with an LCD shield, if you remap the pins.
    Great product! Buy it if you need a cheap rfid reader/writer
  • Gooood

    posted by mkm7240

    Its very small but good working. Im from turkey. But very fast delivery. Its little. 4 hours work time. This music player is very cheap. Its very good quality. If you need a cheap mp3 player for a project. Buy this music player...
    I like this music player. Very good and fast shipping.... Its comes with cable and earphones. Its earphones very short but good working.
    Very cheap. Very strong and little... I will use it at school, street, home, bike, basketball.

    posted by Paulus2001

    Very good sturdy cable. It comes with a rubbery coating which feels nice. It looks good and functions perfectly for my use between my home built Irig and Ipod touch 4G.The cable is thicker then expected which is a good thing.
    none really, price is great for the product.but hey... cheaper is always better!
    great cable works well. a good buy if you need it!i bought several and the function great.. it will work for any Ipod/Iphone device out there.
  • Wow!

    posted by varokaballa

    The mouse is very cool! i thinks is worst but no! the scroll is a metal(¿aluminium?) scroll and it is very confortable! it have a good dpis, it go very fast! I am really happy with this mouse for this price it is incredibe! I recommend buying it.
    The plastic seems not be very good but if you are careful you treat it well this will be a good mouse for you!
    I'm happy with this mouse, thanks!
  • Good prduct

    posted by nordicnurse

    Very good quality instrument for the price.Includes both diaphragm and bell pieces + additional earpieces. Sound quality is good and clear, doesn't pick up too much surrounding sounds.
    Quite acceptable price/quality ratio and the sound quality is good enough to be of actual use. Tubing appears to latex or other similar material. Chestpiece is made of some fairly cheap alloy and will probably prove frail in the long run, but is expected to break in normal use.

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