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You will be surprised our best blue set with an artful design and an amazing price. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.

blue set Customers Reviews

  • Good item

    posted by Guron1

    High quality, the small price - is quite good for six vacuum bags and the pumpVacuum bags are made well, the pump small, excellent quality. The vacuum bag has a double layer. For a usage time I worked as it is necessary. The sizes of packages rather big for outer clothing. Convenient mechanism of closing of the valve of a vacuum bag.
    ?f excellent product for this money, similar goods are more expensive
  • Quality gift

    posted by r3in89

    - Its build quality is surprisingly good, the bag texture gives a nice feeling and the mini golf clubs are made of steel and got fine details, almost like the real ones.- If you look at this closer, it's incredibly detailed, lots of screws here and there and nice stitching.- The zippers are a big plus to the 'detail' segment, and if you open them, theres nothing but cotton inside, and not recommended to remove them.- The wheels really do move without problems, although they are a bit loose.- The 3 golf clubs are 3 different color ink, so cool~- It feels a little heavy because of the steel pens and metal parts.- Amazing decoration!!!!
    I gave one as a gift to my father, since he loves golf and is an avid player. He loved it!!! He said he won't use the pens at all and just put it as a nice decoration~ So glad I bought this.
    Great quality, great decoration, whether you like golf or not. The price is reasonable for its quality. I totally recommend it, maybe I'll buy more in other color in the future.
  • If you are a creative one, it will give you several hours of pleasure

    posted by eruption99

    I was very surprise of the quality of the balls. They are very thin, solids and of good quality. You can put the sticks in every hole without problem. They are also very solids. Then you can build a high structure without problem.
    It was a good purchase. You can intertain yourself or/and yours kids for hours. You can throw challenge and have fun.
    If you search for a affortable and creative toys, it's a good choise.
  • nice toy ,recived in good order .

    posted by felix26

    works good with the arduino software lets make some projects.the software is a free download at arduino. there are also examples and explanations one the site.
    if it works alright i maid buy a bigger arduino board.i wonder if i can manage the ignition of a mosquito(engine) with it.
    good stuff for this price,the programming looks easy.
  • Dang good NFC chips

    posted by kbutcher5

    It's freakin nfc chips for 1$ a piece!!!It easily sticks to your face so you can identify yourself in a crowdEven works with app opening software so you can open useless apps by dropping your phone on the floor
    I already had a ton of fun with these, and rewrote them roughly 50-60 times already, so far so good.
    Get this damn product if you want NFC chips, most phones have a feature for you to use these now a days, for all sorts of ridiculous stuff. Get some, tape them in weird places and leave some messages!


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