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  • Reduces noise and vibration

    posted by nasukaren

    This is just a silicone rubber space that fits between your fan and your CPU case.If your fan is slightly unbalanced and rotating at a high speed, you can get some noise + vibration telegraphing through the case.This spacer absorbs the vibration and helps to keep the noise level down. Note that it can't do anything about the noise caused by the fan blades itself.
    In my case (hahahaha), I used it because my fan blades were smacking the grill vents themselves, mostly because of a poorly designed cheap fan and cheap CPU case. So putting this spacer in between allowed the blades to clear the grill, and voila -- quiet!
    Good. Will last forever. Could be 99 cents, but heh, it's cheap enough.
  • Accessory for personaliser its gopro

    posted by Maxleb72

    This accessory is a very beautiful accessory if we want to decorate his gopro. Easy to use very beautiful quality, he is going to restore a new image of your gopro. A very good depiction when accessories are installed.
    Good quality cheap accessory which makes good and really personalizes your gopro. I recommend it has all who want to distance themselves from others with their gopro.
  • Cute gift idea

    posted by Winchester67

    This ring is nicely built, it looks good, it's cheap, and it's a great gift for a friend or for yourself.The color is really nice and the build is quite good.
    I bought this because it is so cute but I can't decide if I want to keep it or give it away, it is adorable!
    Bottom line is that it is worth the money if you're looking for a cute, durable gift for an affordable price. I say definitely go for it.
  • Very attractive and bright

    posted by LCS500

    Product exactly as the photo without anything else to put on and not take! Simply strengthened while gentle well. The stones are very glossy and very much alive. Surely a great gift for her!
    Everything inside than I imagined when I decided to buy the ring. I saw nothing other in structure and certainly a beautiful accessory and gift. Worth all its value!
    Everything worked well and although it gives the impression that the stones may fall, I believe it is just the same print. The price is worth every penny!
  • Cute Toy Car Shaped Silicone Egg Pancake Ring

    posted by natalia505

    It's a very nice car shaped egg/pancake ring. The material is silicone. There is a specific rubber smell, but I know that it will go out very soon. The colour of this pancake ring is blue (as mentioned by the seller). The dimentions are exactly the same as are indicated in the description.
    It was packed in an ordinary PVC package. If you buy it dor present, you should find another package for it.
    This product is of high quality. If you would like to make a sirprise for your son, buy it for sure! he will be happy! This pancake ring is especially good for great funs of cars, trucks an so on!

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