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blue plastic Customers Reviews

  • Good choice

    posted by uallacepod

    I bought these "Re-useable Plastic Frame and Lens Anaglyphic Red + Blue 3D Glasses" together with the sku.24029. And it is as good as sku.24029...
    I saw other people talking about these glasses on other reviews and i agree with some and disagree with other some... :-D
    Ok, enought talking... Let's get to it's pros:
    - Not so pretty design, but it looks very sturdy
    - Gives a 8.0 (in a scale of 10) on what it's made for. Some ghosting, because the lenses have the "almost perfect" colors
    - Nice gaming experience.
    Fair price.
    If you don't have U$150 to buy 3D Vision, you should try these. You wont regret.
  • Perfect case for my phone!

    posted by chopetanovic

    This Mesh Protective PC Plastic Back Case for Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC (S) is amazing. It is made of hard-plastic that protects your mobile phone from crashes, but also it has a million-and-one holes in it that protects your Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC (S) from heating. It fits as well as your shoes to your feet. It has a nice matte finish that will provide your mobile phone a serious and gallant look.
    Finally, I would like to thank DEALEXTREME for this awesome products!
  • Simple, lightweight, solid, practical

    posted by neithere

    First of all, it really works. I filled it with very hot water and waited for the walls to get warmer. They didn't. Well, of course they did but very slowly; I didn't have enough patience. I think such insulation will allow me to have some hot tea on my way to work ar in the forest till late autumn; time will tell if it's going to work in the winter (I'd expect no less than 20 minutes at -15° C but who knows).It's also very lightweight (especially compared to "proper" vacuum flasks). The inner container can be removed for cleaning; the external one can be used in warm weather as an ordinary flask of larger volume.
    Hint for the maker: please do something with the lid. It should be completely watertight.
    Does the job very well. Suitable for cycling in cold weather (temperature range to be tested). The quality could be just a little bit higher for this price.
  • amazing cover

    posted by kamil17151

    this cover is pretty amazing. It is a case for iphone 4/4s ! It is really soft i think it is in sillicone, it's color is awesome ( light blue ) it flip/open so really usefull and easy for using ! the price is really affordable and cool. Quality pretty awesome and it really protect your phone, almost all the phone.
    it's a cool cover but there is more covers more cool and more protectivefull and cheap ! try other but if u liked this just buy it guyss ! :)
    I bought it and really satisfied of this case ! it's AWESOME !
  • Pet Dog Cat Plastic Ball Bell Toy

    posted by Ammiratore

    This a toy it's very atractive for my dog(Shih-tzu) because that bell. Is robust and very noisy. The toy is used every second of my dog :). I'm glad because my dog it's happy.It's interestig because my dog is traing to get out the noisy ball that is inside and is catching the ball every tine I throw to it. it;s his new best and prefered toy and i make new triks with the dog and reward it with the toy. the price and the product are very good and i'm glad that i buy this toy for my dog. i recomanded this toy for every dog that is active and for owners that are plaing with ther dogs.
    I don't have other throughts.
    In future I will buy another toy or a clothes for my dog.

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