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blue motorcycle Customers Reviews

  • Simple but useful

    posted by Herrys12

    I have already made by my self, but the cost is expensive. This one is working properly, with a nice price and good finishing.
    Do not let any one see your hidden touch point. Disguise you touch point, so anyone do not recognize you initialization step before start you motorcycle.
    Orange = After contact switchBlack = (-) NegativeGrey = Touch pointPink = Pulse line
  • betther than any other that i used

    posted by diegohp

    very protective against the whather Wind cold and other objects, how it have only one tipe to you close is very fast to put and to take it of your hands it is very confortable same when a bug or a litle stone in your hand it can abosorve almos all the impact
    it could be all black or something like this, of corse it is my kind of thin and is just aparence not quallity
    is a good glove
  • great product great price

    posted by prescura

    Works perfectly, sensitive enough, solid and fits all batteries included, ready to go, I LOVE IT Bright light
    I am not -so far- able to attest to its ENDURANCE on heavy use, but so far it looks great
    great product, unbeatable price, first I bought one then I ordered more to take advantage of the bulk rate, for presents and for trading with my friends. Will keep shopping Deal extreme!
  • Good Multi-purpose Tubing

    posted by rukus

    Excellent for carb ventingMatches Yamaha Blue paintEasy to cutHas some black writing on the tubing
    Was used to replace the current carb vent tubing and fuel line on a Yamaha YZF250 and a Yamaha TTR230Worked excellent for that purpose.Held vacuum when tested. No leaks and didnt collapse
    Works well for any tubing related uses.Could be used for auto-purposes, fish tanks, small hoses, and more.
  • Its okay

    posted by Entu

    you get what you pay fore it look eksakly like the photo, and it looks cool. After wearing the mask almost a day the mask dose not get sticky or irritated the skin as so many other mask which is a big plus in my book.
    The mask have after a days use been strech a little so it wil probely get to fit better over time. the blue net on the side of the mask would not help much when the wind is blowing hard.
    Over all it is a okay item to purges if you need a ski mask. really nothing moreto say

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