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This is our best blue motion, they all share a great design and great prices. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.

blue motion Customers Reviews

  • Makes you feel like riding a cycle from TRON

    posted by Alexxandar

    It glows very brightly, so it makes your bike visible even from behind, and from a side it just looks great. The you don't have to drive very fast to have constant glow but it looks really great when it looks like glowing circle. It has an adapter so it can fit on bike as well as a car.
    NOTICE that it says TWO pack, I didn't, and bought the double of what I needed, but it was a nice gift for a friend who also likes to cycle a lot.
    This will make your vehicle much more cool, but it will also make it more visible, even if its a bike with no lights.
  • Great UV motion light

    posted by michazonders2

    I use these things for all kinds of stuff like, not just for as a car of bike light. The best about this light is that it imediattely dims 100% when there is no more motion!It is very sensitive to any motion! Because of the direct motion to turn on and of immediately, the batteries lost very long!
    In a few the saber was lose in the package, but further the quality was great all over!
    A great light with many uses, great for decorating and and putting inside items, like a yellow rubber duckie :) !
  • Very useful, according to price

    posted by Catulet

    - Easy to install- Bright Light- Color neat- Equal to the published photos- Waterproof (I used it in a flooded street in the rain)- Light up great on dark streets- Good quality, convenient!- Lights with motion, stopping off- Comes well packaged to prevent lights before receiving
    Good price for the quality
    A very good buy, is a very useful product and quality according to its price. Consider buying more.
  • msk-predator

    posted by RUSPREDATOR

    Idle time in use and installation. Went for a drive during a heavy rain, all works. Bright, it is perfectly visible in the dark. The bicycle is allocated in the street. To you at once pay attention. Words are read well (welcome, happy New Year!, I love). It has the light exposure gage. At a daylight the device doesn't join that helps to save batteries. The gage movement very sensitive.
    If there will be a possibility to change a phrase, words or to choose words and phrases to order - I think a product will be even more interesting. Look perfectly, the bicycle is allocated on road.
    The good price. Simplicity in use. Accessible elements of a food. With purchase it is happy on 100 %.Recommendations - the choice of own words and phrases (at least to order before purchase) is desirable

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