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blue microphone Customers Reviews

  • Very nice!

    posted by CrysisGear

    This is my second pair!!Excelent Bass Maximum noise isolation LOUD !!! Good quality cable Nice microphone It works for handsfree Multi gum sizes for ears.
    it hurts the ears after a while. Delivery took nearly 2 monthsyou need to regulate the volume, its too loud
    worth the money. The best earphones i ever had. They look nice and they're not so common. If broken i'll definetly buy another set of this.Share to facebook
  • good earphones for the price

    posted by kurnikmat

    The quality of the earphones is very good.It is nice becauce the cable is thicker than usual (5mm), which hellpes that you don't knot the earphones (soo offten)
    butons should work. i dont know if the microphone works.Worth it, very cheap for the features. I cant buy something like with the same price in my country.
    good, strong sound of the earphones that are worth the money
  • Great sound!

    posted by jalfbr

    Excellent sound quality, especially in deep bass. Works perfectly via bluetooth. The quality of the microphone is good and can be used to make calls without problems.The battery lasts at least 4 hours uninterrupted.
    Good quality. Looks good.
    Worth the price and has amazing sound quality. If you need to play stereo-quality sound via bluetooth, this is a good product with quality comparable to more expensive products sound.
  • Good sound quality and comfort

    posted by ricko3d

    Best cheap one ear voice control headset for PS4, c'mon is just 8.55 isn't that cheap enought. they give you an excelent experience while gaming on PS4 conected to your controler. Colors ara just right and couldn't be better. Built is a little bit cheap but for the price i dont care, just because the sound is really good, not like Boss or any other expensive (really expensive) headphones but make chat and voice control really easy.
    There is nothing to think, if you need a headset for voice control for PS4 and have 9 bucks to spend on it then this is the one you need, 100% compatible, proved even can use it for your cellphone.
    Just don't put it on your backpack or suitcase because it will brake, mine is in perfect condition after weeks of playing.
  • Nice colour, excellent audio quaity

    posted by LamKaYau

    This headphone has a very nice colour, and the audio quality is awesome like the others ( same model, different colours) that I have bought before. This brand should be more popular than this as it sounds like $100+ headphones sold in the local stores here. The bass is solid, with clear mids and highs.
    Buy it, you won't regret
    Recommend to buy.

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