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blue light led aaa

The blue light led aaa your looking for is one of our top sellers. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Customers who purchased blue light led aaa also viewed flexible led light blue, led light blue 5m. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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blue light led aaa Customers Reviews

  • This one was a excellent acquisition

    posted by hlcastro

    Improve your safety while riding at night, showing the others a safe distance to keep from the bike.There are different modes for the led lights and the laser, giving you options for your preference on what you think is better for each situation.
    I strongly recommend this product. I told my friend about it and he bought 2 for him.
    High quality and very useful equipment. Very important for night riding.
  • Very useful headlight, very good price!

    posted by sketz

    Very nice and comfortable light, suitable to walk with it for some time. I use it for geocaching at night and it helps a lot! I recommend the use of a light like this with this power, because it has a very strong reach and good battery life. You can also point it forward or down in various angles, as what you need to illuminate.
    This headlight is somewhat water resistant. I took it to a geocaching light raining night and it was working afterwards.
    Very nice product, low cost and very useful. Recommended.
  • Nice and very attractive

    posted by zizanie

    Very bright blue leds.Accept .bmp files.Easy to mount and dismount from wheel.Securely holded by two screws.The english manual is clear.The remote works well and is easy and quick to use.Very nice and attractive at night in the streets.
    Fits hubshells diameters between 17 to 30 mm.Resolution is 15 x 240.It's easier to import .bmp files created with real drawing softs.
    A good product, at a very good price.
  • Excelent product

    posted by nicote30

    It is very easy to use. It fitted perfectly in my bike.It has a lot of ways of use. You can combine the secuence of lighting with both colors blue and red.It has a very good price. Is very dificult to find another product with this qualitys for this price.It has a good quality. Very acceptable for its price.
    The seven mode and the colors are more than I expected.
    It realy filled up my expectatives and gave a litle more. The best price.
  • High-quality, useful product at a good price.

    posted by Tony7919

    Nice rubberized case. Opportunity to build on the hook and magnet. Low price. Sufficiently strong case for use in situations that may be in nature and in extreme conditions. Corresponds to the published specifications.Opportunity to build on the hook and magnet (very convenient).
    At night, the very large tent covers (used as a night light). Shining bright, maybe even too (with batteries 1.5V)
    All in all a very good product at a low price. Good build quality and features. Will be ordering more. I encourage you to yourself and loved ones.

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