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blue led lights

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blue led lights Customers Reviews

  • Mini Police Light for your commute

    posted by DealKong

    - Bright and Colorful- Small, can clip anywhere- Light weight
    There are three LED on this light in three different colors (red, white, and blue); when it is turned on the color blink alternately really fast making it look like a mini police car light. the flashing police color may be annoying for some people for obvious reason. Also when you clip it on, the light will be pointing downward making it less visible.
    This is a cheap but bright little light perfect for a walk\run in the dark. If you don't mind the police blinking effect, this light is pretty good.
  • A great decorative device

    posted by Vandall

    This little device come in pairs. I don't own a motorbike or a car but i do have a bicycle and i just attach it to the rims of my bicycle and it looks really great. At night people stare at my wheels because this masterpiece really 'lights up the mood'. I mean people stare at it in awe. The light illuminates the surrounding floor wherever i go especially at night. Its also surprisingly bright and the motion sensors within the device works perfectly. Flawless product. I love it. Easy to attach, easy to put in new batteries, waterproof and cheap!!!
    I think it will be cool if the led was able to change colours.
    It doesnt matter if you dont own a motorbike or a car. You can always attach it to your bicycle. It'll be a great safety factor for cycling on roads at night i guess. At least other vehicles can see your light from the sides. In a nutshell....JUST BUY IT!!! hahaha
  • Good product - great seller!

    posted by Vraser

    Good light (LED) and deviceLED's are of high quality and plastics as well.
    if you like high-intensity blue light leds - it is a good choice.
    good product for the price!Too short and fragile power cords.the adhesive glue is not as strong as i would have expected - for warm/hot surfaces to be exposed to the sun light (outdoor use). but with some extra cleaning of the surface and holding the patch tight for a few more seconds - it does hold.
  • cheap and good

    posted by asgar5

    two distinct pro's cheap and good. In my experience blue leds are usually a bit more expensive, but at 19 cts a piece this wasnt supercheap but also very expensive.They are diffuse dark blue.When attached to 5 V/330 Ohm they are fairly bright. not blindening but good enough
    Easy to have on storage. Missed out on being able to grab a blie led from my parts box but this package now remedies that
    not expensive handy to have.
  • 0.2W 120lm LED Blue Light Car Decoration Lamp (12V)

    posted by PascalDuering

    Easy to Install. Very long cable. Very cheap price
    I cut the cigarette adapter off and attached the wires it to the door light switch. I Would recommend that, because i know in Germany and Switzerland (and other countries) you are not allowed to have lights on (interior of course) while driving.
    For this price a great product!

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