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blue lcd Customers Reviews

  • Perfect for its price

    posted by mrgame64

    -Sealed in original package-Foam protection on pins-Perfect condition, unscratched-Backlight
    I'd say it's almost as perfect as it can get.The price is very affordable, and product quality is flawless.Best choice for DIY electronics prototypes/projects. Confirmed compatibility with Arduino
    I'm taking away the 2 stars of 'Ease of Use' because the datasheet/manual isn't included, even though it's common for it to be such.
  • Hurricane HP-2 Power supply

    posted by Djggsilumex

    Fully digital microprocessor controlPrecision regulated set point voltage 0-18vdc 2.3 amp built in overload protection User selectable resolution .1, .2, or .5 volt increments Time of day Stop-Watch Liner/ Shader presets now with 2, 4, or 6 machine memory modes. Momentary(conventional) or Maintained(push on push off) foot switch modes. Easy one button toggle Non volatile memory (holds time and presets even when power is removed) Wireless foot switch ready Universal input 110-240vac 50/60hz Accepts standard 1/4" clip cord and foot pedal connections Volts, Amps, Speed (hz), Duty Cycle (%), ans STL(similar to follow through) Wipe down quality Easily bagged with typical machine or bottle baggies Power supply includes one mount Available in black 2 year full mfg warranty
    The HP-2 is the most advanced power supply ever developed for tattooing. It also has a fully digital microprocessor control, precision regulated set point voltage 0-18vdc, 2.3 amp built in overload protection, time of day, stop-watch, Liner/Shader presets now with 2, 4, or 6 machine memory modes, wireless foot switch ready. universal input 110-240vac 50.60hz, wipe down quality, 1/4" inputs for standard clip cord and foot pedal connections and many more features. Power supply includes one universal mount. Available in black only. 2 year full mfg warranty.
    Great buying, in 10 days fully shiped
  • Blood Pressure good

    posted by danyolaf

    A good product. The measurement is accurate and simple to understand. It really is a good product for its price. Simple, small and very useful for the home medicine cabinet.The product brings a box to save it, the manual and the appliance. The packaging was safe where he came. The manufacture thoughts about sturdy.
    A good product for measuring blood pressure, useful and very practical.
    Very very recommended product. A great product for a small price.
  • Great handheld console.

    posted by PublicSafety

    This is about the size of a bloated gameboy micro. It is cheap and has a great number of games from Contra, Super Mario Bros., Tetris II, Galaga, Gradius, and much much more.The size is great the game selection is wonderfull, not a bad overall system for the price. The quality of the construction is even on the better side of this type of system.
    This is a great system to take on your travels to help kill time.
  • Functional, but not perfect

    posted by SparrowGene

    - Large LCD screen.- Strong speaker volume.- Build quality is very good for this price.
    Does it's job,But the buttons' issue is very frastrating,so as the poor manual.I don't change the time of the clock quite often, so everytime I need to remember what button does what.

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