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blue lcd module

You can buy cheap blue lcd module from us. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. lcd player module, video lcd module may be more suitable for you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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blue lcd module Customers Reviews

  • Iwan

    posted by IwanH

    Works fine as a shield for Arduino Uno. Great price. Documentation included (CD with library and Arduino IDE). Touch-function not tested. Function of the used pins are on the board.
    Please add some information that it not a shield for a Arduino Mega.
    Great product for a small price. Software and library included
  • Very good LCD display!

    posted by alexandretok

    Very good LCD display, it has a very strong backlight witch makes it easy visible at night. You can adjust the contrast and the backlight intesity, witch makes it suitable for every project that needs a output interface.
    Perhaps it should come with pins attached to it to make prototyping easyer.
    Very good LCD display, relatively easy to use and control with Arduino. I totally recomend it for every kind of projects, from the small/DIY ones to professional projects.
  • Cheap LCD to use in embedded projects.

    posted by dudu1742

    - Nice view;- Small LCD;- Easy to use and to get code examples;- A lots of library on internet.
    - Because of the interface (SPI), you can use in different kind of microcontroller and microprocessors, you need just to adapt the libraries.- You can find on you tube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABED5zdw4n4 an test that I made, getting the code on openenergymonitor.org.
    - If you want to test a small lcd for embedded projects you can buy it.
  • External Charguer For Everything

    posted by Displayport

    ***You can chargue lots of little gadgets like mobile phones, e-books, tablets...***All-in-one PCB, you can chargue your li-ion battery through micro-USB port
    ***If you try to chargue two gadgets at the same time, batteries may became hot******It works better if put two or more lithium batteries connected in parallel because increase the useful life of then***
    ***Good item for do you own portatile charguer for much less than buying a new one in shopping centers***
  • well worth the money

    posted by mpego

    cheap, works with UTFT library.Easy to use.It is compact and well built.Once I found the correct initialisation parameters, works like a charm.I used:UTFT: myGLCD(ITDB24D,19,18,17,16)UTouch: myTouch(15,10,14,8,9)
    Not very fast, but it does it jobs very well.I plugged it to a FreAduino.I was a plug and play.If you plan to use the UTouch library remember to calibrate first. Run the example from the UTouch library, it works well.
    It is a product that I would recommended.

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