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blue lcd module

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blue lcd module Customers Reviews

  • Easy to use with Arduino Uno

    posted by diypwn

    Standard pin layout that works with existing library and examples. Pins are soldered on the backside so you can mount the display in a project box. I use mine with Arduino Uno + resistors to limit the current (see comment below).Ada Nokia 5110 software library and example sketch for Arduino works out of the box if you connect the pins according to the sketch. Contrast setting in the sketch may need some tweaking. Note: you also need the Ada GFX library to be able to compile.
    This works without extra hardware with 3.3V logic (like Arduino Due). But it will also work with 5V boards like Arduino Uno if you use resistors to limit the current: 1K Ohm for SCE/CS pin and 10K Ohm for the other four pins. Backlight works with 3.3V. Alternatively, you could use logic level shifters like 74LVC245 instead of resistors.
    Nice display if you need more than 16x2 chars, or the ability to show graphics, for your microcontroller project. Some units may be a bit dodgy because of the rubber strip that connects the display to the board. If you get one, RMA straight away because they are difficult (impossible?) to fix.
  • Works well with 3.3V Arduino

    posted by steveo

    Works well on a 3.3V Arduino using SPI. u8glib supports this display using the U8GLIB_MINI12864 constructor. Cute little display, works well
    Datasheet is available here: http://x.openjumper.com/mini12864/
    Inexpensive 128 pixel x 64 pixel graphical LCD.
  • External Charguer For Everything

    posted by Displayport

    ***You can chargue lots of little gadgets like mobile phones, e-books, tablets...***All-in-one PCB, you can chargue your li-ion battery through micro-USB port
    ***If you try to chargue two gadgets at the same time, batteries may became hot******It works better if put two or more lithium batteries connected in parallel because increase the useful life of then***
    ***Good item for do you own portatile charguer for much less than buying a new one in shopping centers***
  • OK once you know what it is

    posted by mgtcman

    Good value for money.
    When this first arrived my heart sank as I has no idea how to program it.It took a lot of searching and false trails to finally discover that this is an SSD2119 LCD screen with an ADS7843 Touch Controller.Once that was over I soon found datasheets and sample projects.The board is initially setup for 16 bit data mode which hardly anyone uses. You need to unsolder a pin to use 8 bit data mode which is more compatible with the numberous demos.
    A good buy but you need to make some effort.Screen advertised as Arduino Ready would probably be easier to use.
  • bright and high-quality screen

    posted by micluha

    Connect your camcorder over the front door. The picture is bright and clear. Regurirovki: brightness, color saturation, language, video input selection. packaging is bubblewrap, there are pins in there that perforates it because of mail delivery
    You can use the TV screen as MPEG2-MPEG4 DVB-T receiver. Very good for the price, especially since you get what you see on the TFT screen right away without delay
    great price for a screen resolution of 800/480


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