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blue laser pen

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blue laser pen Customers Reviews

  • High Quality

    posted by nabercro

    -This laser is a beautiful shade of blue/purple-Very nice housing, very nice rubber/plastic coating-Dot is great. It is nice and soft, but very contained and accurate.-UV creates a cool effect (looks very different on different surfaces)
    It easily charges glow in the dark things, so UV is strong.
    This is a great laser pointer. It looks higher quality than the two green laser pointers I have had for awhile, and they cost $50 each.
  • Blue/Purple 5mW laser

    posted by Creulsomegeorge

    It has a neat color that changes itself dependently from the surface you do shine it on.It has an fairly invisible beam, but in the dark skies you can see a bit of a difference.
    It's very fun to play with. It's very useful to discover the absorption of different materials, in combination with other colors of lasers.In broad daylight it can be a tricky business of finding the laser dot on something in the further distance. But ones you find the marking, then you can go on.
    The human eye is less capable for detection blue colors, so be careful, it doesn't mean you can't see it that well, that it doesn't damage your eyes.
  • works great

    posted by patrickl96

    decently powerful considering its colour (obviously a green one is more powerful)travels up to at least 100 meteres awaytakes 2xAAA batterieseasy to use, almost works out of the box with the exception of not including batteries
    I bought a green one off this site and have some issues with the batteries not sitting in it properly however with this one they fit perfectly and I have had no issues with it
    This laser pointer works very well especially considering the price is very cheap as well and I haven't come across any problems with it so far.
  • cheap and good laser

    posted by Nnana

    very cheap and works on aaa batterys.
    mutch better then the ones
    with the lil round batterys.
    and the laser looks very good.
    I think it's a cheap and good laser
    i really like the laser pen.
    its fun to tease poeple with it
    and play with cat
  • Nice little Gadget

    posted by Pt376

    Not too big, not too smallHas a frigging LazerLight is actually reasonably brightHas a StylusAnd it is only 2 bucks
    It makes a nice little gift. It is cheap and has great novelty factor to it. It would be nice to come in more colors and have different color lasers. Green and blue laser versions would be amazing.
    For 2 bucks, not much can go wrong. The laser is pointy, the light is white and the stylus works. Perfect for its price.

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