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blue laser 405nm

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blue laser 405nm Customers Reviews

  • Fantastic laser with rich indigo color

    posted by librin

    Definitely one of the best gadgets on DealExtreme. I've never seen a laser other than red/green, and this particular one is fascinating.The purple dot is less visible than the red/green one (obviously) but pleases the eye very much (except if you point the laser right into it).Made of really high quality materials, the surface is soft to touch and looks expensive and durable.
    Such things here cost 4 times more than this.
    A real 405nm purple laser, not blue (445 nm). You should buy it.
  • Fun and useless

    posted by wtarr

    Stabler and easier to use than the naked module. The beam is bright enough to be visible at night, despite the wavelength to which the eye is not much sensible. Comes with its AAA battery, looks clean.
    I tried it with the gypsophilia cap that came with my green pointer. It looks much better, you can plot a large number of stars on a ceiling or on books and various stuff that fluoresce in many different colors. I should have bought it in this version.
    Nice toy, but buy it with a gypsophila cap if available. It's as much useless but offer additional possibilities.
  • Excellent Laser

    posted by Toomey

    being from the U.S. we are limited on the mW of the lasers we can use, but this 5mW laser was surprisingly bright for its specs.. it has a nice rubberized kinda coating..its hard to focus on "dot" but that is due to the wavelength but in a room with a little smoke or atmosphere the beam is very visible and turns heads everywhere..
    i can't stop playing with it.. it is a great addition to my collection.. a few friends saw it and they had to have one so i am making another order for a few more for them..i have not tested it with any animals, im not even sure if they can see that wavelength.. but if they can im sure ill get many hours of fun playing with my buddies cat..
    for $20 it is definitely worth it..and if you're like me and have friends that like "toys" like these buy a couple and sell them and make a little profit!! ;-)
  • Nice laser

    posted by hongnhan

    the laser is very good for exciting the flourescence dye. The light is powerfull. But beware when using because it's very dangerous for your eyes. Only use with your mind. Beauty outlook. Best product.
    Nothing except it take a month to get to me. Need to be faster than that. I had thought my package was gone away.
    It's very good for scientific purpose. It's was cheap and power full. It's also stable when i fed an 5hz square pulse into it. And it operate 20000 time on/off but it still alive.
  • OK value for money. Multi purpose use

    posted by ebrustad

    Nothing more - nothing less. Hwat u see in the picure, is what u get.
    For the price, it is good value, but needs work to be used. I used it for a project of replacing existing red laser in an Lasershow projector from DX.COM. It took me about 2 hours total to modify, laser and and replace it with the red one. This laser is not as powerfull, but the result is better than expected.
    Dont buy unless u have a specific need or project. It cannont be used for anything out of the box.

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