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blue laser 405nm Customers Reviews

  • bright enough

    posted by pochtli

    bright enough for presentations, works well, batterys last for a long time...
    i dunno how thrustworthy the supplier is with his interpretation of 5mW... as we are close to a potential harmfull (eyes) power, halde with care.
    price is hot, quality is good.
  • Great build bad beam

    posted by paul646

    Easy to use.Strong build.
    Good for fun an quite powerfull, you can use it to make draws in dark (in tv or screens) but as it isn't powerfull the draws disappear quickly. I wanted to buy the SKU: 80923(100mW) wich is much more powerfull but it isn't in stock.
  • Awesome for that price

    posted by tizbac

    - Very Cheap- It's solid and well built
    There are some things to explain to who buy this laserQ. It is less bright than a red laser, wtf ?!?A.It may seem to be less bright even than a red one, this is not cause it is less powerful, it's just that most of energy is UV so it's not visible 100%, if you shine it on a fluorescent surface that converts invisible energy to visible , you'll see that it is brighter than a red one , and even a green one, cause UV has more energyQ. I can't find a f****g violet laser that is properly focusedA. It is focused , it's just that cause of chromatic dispersion of your eye lens , you would need to focus farther than infinity, which is not possible unless you have some patology or you wear glasses meant to correct myopia even if you are not affected , but that may cause you headaches so avoid doing that.Also , avoid pointing it at your skin ,i'm not sure but it may cause sun burns , so just avoid that , there'snt nothing special on skin with this laser
    Really buy it if you don't have a laser of this wavelength , it is a very strange kind of laser, if you shine it on a wall it seems a simple led , but if you shine it on some surface that reacts to uv you get a LOT of light , also some substances that seems to not react under a black lamp, may react under this laser exposure , cause it's a lot brighterCan be used to check money too, but it is pretty overkill :D
  • 30mW 405nm Blue-Violet/Royal Purple Laser Module (3V)

    posted by fabio1964

    Very bright laser. Can shine about 100-150 meters. I am happy that i bought one, because it is very very cheap. My dogs like this laser. But be careful not to shine in there eyes. The cat does also like the red dot laser. Can't find any lasers with the same price in the Netherlands. Was shipped in seven days.
    Totally worth it. You could order two just in case you lose the other one.
  • Powerful purple laser

    posted by GigaSan

    * Very high laser output* Brass lens holder, (glued into position)* High UV output* Power supply and switch attached
    Wear eye protection (laser googles) when playing with this laser module.
    Purple laser with high output. Be careful using it !


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