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blue heart Customers Reviews

  • It's a really fun thing to play with

    posted by moilius

    A perfectly working plasma ball. It's fun to watch how electricity follows your fingers. The use is simple: just plug the power cable and turn it on. The glass looks quite solid.
    At day, it doesn't look too impressive, but in dark environment it looks amazing. Just don't touch your the plasma ball for too long, because the glass may get hot and you can get burnt.
    I think it's really worth its' price. Great birthday/valentine's day gift for your beloved one.
  • Great Deal

    posted by felipebbq

    - Nice, delicate and beautiful for your baby or as a gift for someone who is expecting one. - Looks very comfortable and soft, great quality of the product. - The price is awesome. - The color is also beautiful and smooth. - Didn't take too long to arrive.
    - The product came as expected with no harm; - Looks exactly like the picture in the product description. - I bought another one that said "I love mama".
    I bought that for my son that is about to born, no regrets in this purchase because the product is all that I thought it should be, will fit nicely in the baby. I can't wait to see him using it. Great Deal indeed.
  • Good Object

    posted by MazDePaz

    Really good object that shows BPM and Sp02 values in a very accurate way. Easy to use and made with good materials. there is the possibility to activate bip sounds of patient's frequency, and you can turn the lcd screen in different ways.
    I compared values with onces derivated by professional machine of the operating room, and i can say that it is accurate.
    I compared values with onces derivated by professional machine of the operating room, and i can say that it is accurate. if you need it, buy it.
  • Great product

    posted by Maynord

    It's a great gift for girls, i have bought as a gift to a friend and she loved. It is well made and can be put in a bag or as a key chain. Battery came 100% and as far as i know she did not have any problems until now.
    I think the price should not be so high but all in all is a great product and funny....works as it suppose to and does what it has to do.
    If you need a nice "anytime" gift i recommend it. It's very nice to keep a track on the time without the need of having something on your wrist. It's really useful specially when you have to go to a party and does not have a watch that matches the outfit...so it turns to be handy.
  • Very easy to use

    posted by Malvineous

    Very nice bright screen, very easy to use. Includes batteries. Has a small graph showing strength of heartbeat over time, wide enough for just over 2 heartbeats at 60bpm.
    The manual doesn't mention it, but if you hold the button down for a few seconds it turns a beeper on and off, which beeps on each heartbeat.
    Does exactly what it says it does and very easy to use.

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