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blue hair Customers Reviews

  • Straightener FTW

    posted by axborn

    Ceramic plates and not metal (better for hair);
    Does what it's supposed to do;
    Velvet on the ends of the straightener so your hands wouldn't burn so badly;
    Engrish box (the temperature is controlled by a computer, etc.) so lolable.
    I would have to pay many TIMES more for a similar straightener at any local shop, so it's really a worthwile purchase.
  • Useful and safe

    posted by justgux

    This is the perfect gift for every straight hair girl who dreams with some curls. Using the right product associated, this tool may achieve perfect and natural curls.
    Don't use it without a mouse or any other leave-in product. It doesn't work just with hair and humidity.
    Women may have their curls after just sleeping with the curl formers on their hair.
  • No stray hairs

    posted by XiaoChuChu

    This one does exactly what it says it does. You put it on your hair and pull back and your fringe is completely taken away so you can easily put on make up or night cream or whatever it is you're going to do. And the best thing is that there are no stray hairs as you might experience when you use hair clips or other things.
    Doesn't take any space, easy to use and really effective.
    A must have for girls with fringes/bangs that are in the way when applying make up, cream or other facial products.
  • Greate Hatsune Miku Review

    posted by Nadhard

    Wig is made out of very good quality materials that in my opinion are very durable and hair on the wig is not getting untidy easy.Color is very intensive, it is much more deep and intensive than on photo with is really grate because it stand out. ponytails are easy to detach and attach.
    Wig is quite heavy for a wig but it is inevitable because of amount of hair- every ponytail have more than 100cm and the hair on the wig is really dense so I was not surprised but it worth nothing.
    Best Hatsune Miku wig I have encounter and in this price this is absolute grate product.

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