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blue fish Customers Reviews

  • Good bait!

    posted by leloml

    The bait has good color, does a very good job in the background and realistic, perfect for fishing! Best places to calmer, by its weight, which is already included, but that is lightweight and if too much current is difficult to work with the bait and is easily carried by the tide.
    It already has a small weight in intention own bait, but how good is a shrimp to sea, then with the tide and currents would be better a higher weight, or heavier!
    I got to test it, and I liked the bait! It would be another option for fishing in the bay, rivers forming up and are calmer!
  • nice gadget

    posted by fichino

    It's a nice gadget for taking different pictures, if you want to escape from the ordinary.
    This might be a pro or a con, depending on your ponit of view: It does vignette the picture, leaving round edges to it. In my opinion, this is not a con, because it adds to the fisheeye effect. Some people find it anoying, though.
    Make sure that's what you want and if it is, go for it.
  • 6-in-1 Fishing Float Floater Bobber

    posted by kkkrastevrz

    A very useful thing. Good design and very good performance. You look nice. I have already used it and I think it would be a very useful thing.I have such stops you ordered more than one year and am very happy with them.
    Perhaps it would be better in one package to have more stops and not just six and are the number and size because with thicker fibers stoppers do not work very well.
    Thanks to D? for the rapid and accurate execution of the contract.
  • Gorgeous little thing!

    posted by MrFridge

    Good quality rubber (silica I think...).Looks great in the fish tank.Can be lit-up and glow because the tentacles are semi-transparent.good build, looks great.At the end of each tentacle is a small dot, so when lit-up, looks real.
    has a stone in the middle of it to give it weight, but I still don't know if the stone is sturdy enough or will is start braking and crumbling after some time.At the moment, it's holding.It's only decorative so - 0 usefulness :)
    Great decoration for your aquarium, some time even cheaper than all other local stores by far.Looks really nice!
  • Good toy for children

    posted by RWDIsc

    If you have no intention to buy live small fishes, and to potter with them (aquarium cleaning, observance of a thermal mode, sterns, etc.) that this toy just right will suit your children.Those who sees them in water for the first time take them for the live.
    The producer should pay attention to consolidation of a cover of a battery compartment.
    As a whole the toy good, my daughter in the first day didn't depart from them it was necessary to change several times batteries and at the same time in addition to condense with make-shifts (A tape from a ftoroplastovy sealing material) a battery compartment.

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