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blue fish Customers Reviews

  • mini fish

    posted by toninoooh

    it has good cost,looks built in good quality and shiny, it's colours are amazing,it's easy to use and fix in the line it's appearence is awesome,(guess predators should feel attracted,at least more than y catches proof :-) )
    no other thoughts come mind,could be improved with a light
    It's a good looking item,it's well built and easy to use, good choice,a recommendable one,I would buy it again
  • Good bait!

    posted by leloml

    The bait has good color, does a very good job in the background and realistic, perfect for fishing! Best places to calmer, by its weight, which is already included, but that is lightweight and if too much current is difficult to work with the bait and is easily carried by the tide.
    It already has a small weight in intention own bait, but how good is a shrimp to sea, then with the tide and currents would be better a higher weight, or heavier!
    I got to test it, and I liked the bait! It would be another option for fishing in the bay, rivers forming up and are calmer!

    posted by ADPB001

    I cannot put into words how beautiful this bait is... It is very good, not only for its price. I live in Brazil and baits like these cost about $25-30, so it was a vary good deal. It swims as if it was a real fish!! I actually feel bad for the fishes...It makes noise and it moves well underwater
    Buy it... don't even think about it. You probably wont find a bait like this one that costs $5...
    very good bait... it looks better than the picture. The colors are more vivid and it is shiny.
  • One hand operation. Good for day use!

    posted by Lashman

    Can be caried as a keychain. Good plastic material. Very well designed. Can be operated with just one hand. Ideal for cutting fishing lines. Easy to use. Fits perfectly in my hands. Well designed. Cuts fishing lines like butter.
    Good for day use, specially when you use it to cut fishing lines. I just connected to a ring and pinned to my vest .
    Satisfied with it, although it could be cheaper. I'll wait a bit to see if the blade does not rust.
  • Pretty decoration plant

    posted by unubliche

    An element of decoration, very colorful, and maritime theme. The color is very soft, and although not very realistic, is nice.Made of silicone, ideal for the fish to get inside, hiding the fish easier. Ideal for almost any kind
    The background stone is highly integrated with the whole floor and is perfectly sinks.
    Made of silicone, ideal for the fish to get inside, hiding the fish easier. Ideal for almost any kindNothing more to say


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