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  • Keep you keyboard free of dirt and dust

    posted by jordispielberg

    Cheap laptop gadget You can find them at any hardware shop by the double of money. Antistatic covering, keeps your laptop keyboard free from dust and dirt.
    Transparent blue allows to see thru the plastic but the color protects a bit from the sun or direct light.
    Cheap and very useful gadget for anyone who wants to prolongate the life of your laptop keyboard.Buy it, sure you can use it with your laptop. You can cut with scissors and adaptate it to your netbook or even your ebook.
  • Really useful

    posted by drteba

    I was searching for a removal kit to replace my iPod Touch battery. This one allows me to dissasemble my Tablet PC, easily removing the screen.The triangular opening tools are quite versatile, and it mades easy to disassemble mobile phones or tablets.
    It is a useful kit to be used 2-3 times, due to its weakness.
    It's a decent kit to open electronic devices, and a "must-have" kit in every DIY fan!
  • practical adhesive to cover the headlight of your car

    posted by edutesoura

    practical adhesive to cover the headlight of your car, but can only be placed on surfaces straight, but has a beautiful color and protects against scratches. and does not modify the color of the lighthouse. very cool.
    it was more malleable could put on any surface. but it is a good protector for your headlights, since it is straight, ok?
    recommend its purchase, but notice again, straight surfaces only, not glue it in turns right, leaving blisters on your headlight.
  • submarine love

    posted by crlmsa

    It's a great camera! Easy to use, to load the film, to unload it, and it's really waterproof. I went diving and put some money inside the case, and nothing happened. The image quality is as good as other plastic analogue cameras, and I really like their colors. I have tried it only in the sea, but I imagine the results in a pool would be even better, since the water is more clear and blue. It's a simple camera, it seems to be a toy (isn't it?), but it does a great job. Captures movement with no problem.
    Buy it!
    You won't regret.

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