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blue current meter

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blue current meter Customers Reviews

  • Good and Nice 15 Amp Analog Ammeter

    posted by HARRIS140

    It is working now for more than 8 months in a solar panel installation. It works indoors. It is mounted on a plastic panel and monitors the current delivered by the solar regulator to the 48 Volt battery bank.No problem at all with this instrument. It delivers precise readings that I have controlled with digital equipment.Return to zero is accurate and has never required re-setting.Mounting hardware is simple and complete.Finish of plastic case and printing of reading scale is neat and well designed and executed.I will buy two more, same brand, for Volts and Amps feeding a solar MTTP water pump that is fed by DC thru a current limiter.
    The factory could consider to have a line of same instruments with built in lightning.
    If you need a fast glance reading analog instrument on Class 2.5 this device is for you.
  • I'm satisfied

    posted by gatoline

    It is cool, small, It looks nice, very accurate, Cheap, etc.
    very cheap, there is welding points for connetors probably for ather models but i don't know information like schematics, etc.
    to sum up, i'm very happy with the device. current meter and volt meter in a built in device. I hope to buy several like this.
  • Buena calidad a precio razonable

    posted by jvel

    Material bastante resistente.La medida que da es bastante cercana a la real (comparado con otros aparatos de linea profesional).Escala bien dibujada y nitida, el acabado de las indicaciones es claro.Valido para medir corriente alterna (AC).
    Buena relacion calidad-precio, aunque no se puede montar en carril DIN, si lleva tornillos para embutirlo en panel.
    Recomiendo la compra. Tiene una buena relacion calidad precio
  • Nice DC ammeter/Voltmeter

    posted by Rimlyanin

    This device is small in size, without using an external shunt accurately measures the volts and amps in your circuit. Ammeter and voltmeter can be calibrated independently of each other for this purpose on the rear side of the device has two trimming resistor.
    The ammeter measures the voltage drop across the internal shunt resistor , which is not always possible to get a fairly accurate reading.
    Good quality / price ratio . To use such control circuitry .
  • Ótimo Voltimetro. Excelente Amperimetro!

    posted by riewe

    The voltmeter is very precise measuring with a multimeter, gave a difference of only 0.5V, not counting that has a refresh rate very good, as quick as one multimeter with LCD.The ammeter works well, has to be the highlight in beautiful Azul, which in my opinion is perfect for differentiating the voltage rating. The shunt 50A, had no problems for me, because the project that hired him, uses only 30A.I believe this is the most beautiful amps in this price range.
    For my use, it worked correctly.


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