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  • Great item to hold your phone

    posted by teixeirapt

    This is a very good item that can have lots of uses.Just use your imagination.You can use it to hold cellphones, remote controls, cameras.The suction capability is very good. It can hold provably about 500g with safety.
    I would like to see if DX could arrange for a smaller one so that it can fit in smaller spaces.
    It is a very good item. It has quality and the price is just right for it.I will buy a extra one to have in my car so that when I use the phone has a GPS I can put it in the window...
  • Cute gadget

    posted by MissPointless

    Stronger hold than I imagined. Will keep your phone in place when it vibrates on a flat surface.This item can be really useful for someone who always misplaces his phone. You make it a habit of placing it on the pad every time, so you can remember where you left it.
    Cute color, and you are sure to get light blue as it is the only one available.
    This is an item I can live without, but it is a nice inexpensive gadget nonetheless.
  • Great product and normal sound

    posted by uramesialex

    It has a suction cup mount so you can put it everywhere and its a good thing to use with the built in bluetooth. The rubber case its dust proof, not water proof but don't worry if some water touches it, if the water don't get inside the speaker, it wont break and water cant enter so easily due to the rubber
    If your looking for quality this is not what you want but if you find instead portability and simplicity, it is.
    Its cheaper than other places so good deal.
  • This is just stunning!

    posted by KierovNick

    This is quite amazing what this sharpener does. It has the ability to get totally unusable after attempt to sharpen a single knife. I gave such high rating because i tried to be honest before and give it propper rating and my review got rejected. I try to this trick just to convey the truth about this product. This is really crap. And it's quite amazing it is for this price.
    It could be a bit better quality to ba able to sharpen the knife instead of being destroyed by it.. and it could use a bit softer rubber on suction cup to actually work, but other than this i'd recomment anyone to buy it as a gift to your mother in law.
    Read all above and You'll get the idea. Great product.Makes all your knifes safe to use by your kids. No worries there.
  • Cute as a button :-)

    posted by AtilaSendil

    This is so cute. You can buy this even for the cuteness. The lid function works too :-P The silicone seals the top of the glass and you can use it to cover the glass of water at your night stand. It also prevents spilling if the table is shaken. The figure and the lid are made well from good materials
    It is cute. If you have a baby boy you can buy some and give as gift to friends and relatives :-)
    Cute and functional. If you are reading these comments then go ahead and buy it :-)

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