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blue console Customers Reviews

  • Nintendo DS lite

    posted by ronynhocandeli

    It worked like a charm, first time i start this nintendo ds lite its worked.
    My package dont come with a manual, its not essential but its a plus.
    Its good packed, it worked (i assume im a little worried about that, but worked fine), is buttons are okay, just one very little dead pixel (for the price, its not matter). Its cheap, it worked.For me its a good product.
  • Great handheld console.

    posted by PublicSafety

    This is about the size of a bloated gameboy micro. It is cheap and has a great number of games from Contra, Super Mario Bros., Tetris II, Galaga, Gradius, and much much more.The size is great the game selection is wonderfull, not a bad overall system for the price. The quality of the construction is even on the better side of this type of system.
    This is a great system to take on your travels to help kill time.
  • Just like new!

    posted by JNFirst

    - It looks like a new Nintendo DSI Console, although refurbished;- It comes with all original accessories, manuals and plastic protectors;- The box is new too and gives the pleasure/feeling of "opening a new toy";- The screens are perfect, no problem such a dead pixel or stuck pixel;- The charger's plug is perfect for Brazilian standards.
    Although a very nice refurbishing, I got it with a small problem: the volume button was of the shell but still attached to its rubber. So I had to put it inside and everthing was set - I didn't have to open the console, just push the rubber through the hole.
    Not bad at all!!! Nice product and well done refurbishing, almost perfect.
  • Beautiful and fits perfectly!

    posted by Sowee

    It's nicely made. Fits surprisingly well the 3DS. The material is soft, so it makes holding the videogame a little bit better.
    I was incredibly worried about the scratches that started to appear on my 3DS lid. Since it was always on my bag, it made no sense. This case protects the whole 3DS and attaches nicely, so it wont slip. There are no scratches on the case!
    If you carry your 3DS loose in your bag, you should consider buying this. As it doesn't add volume and protects your videogame.
  • Good product

    posted by Hitokami

    DS working fine. Comes in the box with the charger OK. Already came with the screen protector, something that really helps people who didn't bought or simply have dificulties to put the protector. The price is simply awesome. I have bought when it was something abouse U$90,00, and still compensated.
    This collor makes this a perfect gift for your girlfriend!

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