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blue cloth Customers Reviews

  • Great Micro Fiber Cloth for Price

    posted by homerguy

    High quality micro fiber clothDecent size in ratio to phones and other mobile devicesSturdy QualityGets all of the smudges out of screens and other surfacesGood for use on glasses as well, prefer it over the silk cloths
    Will be buying a couple more, never can get enough. Would be nice if there are other colors offered, maybe I have not looked on the site enough, not really an issue.
    Well worth the price, high quality material, cleans perfectly
  • I'am dry and loving it

    posted by Tenzentokashe

    It is what it is. A glorified raincoat. But what a raincoat it is. Doubling as a shelter and the standard rain gear I blast down wet roads with this thing on and don't have to care about reckless drivers splashing me up. Compact and fairly easy to get out of its pouch and get on.Walking or riding it works.It didn't keep me too hot at all and I live in the tropics.
    I got 2. We use them everyday. Always taking them with us on every trip cause like I said in the tropics it can rain everyday.
    I recommend this product. I'm almost 6 feet tall and it still covers me well.
  • Cute Bright Blue Protective Case

    posted by Sikakone

    bright blue
    tight enough to keep the phone secured in
    color is very close to the color in the picture
    This is cheap, cute, and bright blue. There's nothing special about it and really no cons except the fact that it does say iPhone. Would have used it for ZTE Blade, but it feels funny to use something that says iPhone on another phone...
    The outside fabric feels almost velvety to the hand...
  • Reall, really good. Well worth the money.

    posted by halsoy

    There's virtually nothing but pros for this pad. It's large, feels nice, gribs really, really well and it is made of cloth that is really nice not only to touch, but it's good for mouse tracking as well. Even the one mouse I have with a laser sensor (Logitech G500) has a near perfect tracking on it. And that's considering cloth pads have a hard time with laser mice. It's actually much nice to the touch than my SteelSeries cloth matte, and it's less friction as well, so my mouse (Logitech G700) slides better on it. To me, this gives me the perfect mix, it slides almost as easy as a plastic mouse pad, but it feels much nicer to rest your hands on. The size is pretty much perfect for me, apart from two points, which I will cover in the cons section.
    I'd say this is well worth the money. It's less than half, and some places a third or less than the price of pads from larger brands at this size, like the razr goliath (I think the name is). And, I have a hard time accepting the other, larger brands provide anything better than this. Only extended use will tell if the cloth in this wears out.
    Can recommend for anyone just wanting a larger matte they can put under the keyboard and mouse, or someone just wanting something bigger. I use mine to sit under the keyboard as well, making everything line up the way I want it, and makign sure nothing moves about, at all.
  • Superb

    posted by JudithJ

    -Looks pretty sweet -Good price-Build quality is very good-3DS fits in just fine, and so do 3DS games (although the pockets were made for DS game)-DSL and DSi (NOT XL) fit in perfectly too
    I'm guessing this was produced a long time ago, before they announced the 3DS cartridges will have a little notch on the top. Still, 3DS games fit with a little bit of effort. The design is pretty good - if you have any other stuff you want to put in the case (like earphones), then they won't scratch the top half of the shell.
    Bought this one and the red one, and the red one looks much nicer, but the red one doesn't look good with a blue 3DS, so if you have a blue 3DS, get this one.They both looks much better in real life, believe me. Great for travelling and carrying around with you, and just protecting your 3DS from dust.


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