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blue clock Customers Reviews

  • Pretty cool alarm clock

    posted by shibaiken

    Nice build quality.Easy to configure.You can switch the brightness level.Standard noise great for waking up when having important reunions.Snooze button, it delays the alarm for 7 minutes.It´s cool.
    It´s great, low price and it´s all I spected, very happy with my buy. Maybe as I said it would be nice to plug it into the AC for a non-stop use, even when I have rechargeable batteries I prefer forgetting about recharging them for that kind of gadget.
  • Execellent!!! DS3231 is a good alternative for DS1307

    posted by fpaletta

    -Time accurancy, high precision-Out-of-the-box compatible with DS1307 library-eprom memory (exactly like DS1307)
    DYI community is aware that the DS1307 modules are showing delays/advances in ramdom. It seems that the cristal is not calibrated after the module has been pu together. So, if you are finding accurancy problems with DS1307, this is the perfect replacement. DS3231 is excelent. It is out-of-the-box compatible with DS1307 libraries so you have just to plug-and-play. Your projects will never again delay/advance time in random. This module is very pricise. I have a testing project which checks NTP time from Internet and compares with time from this module. Over a week now less than 2ms difference has been noticed.
    DS3231 is an excelent model replacement for DS1307
  • not cheap, but usefull

    posted by cyriusbe

    - light vary with luminosity (but i have put a small part of tape to put it low forever- keep time when no current- second,date,°c, alarm extra
    This server to replace microwave oven clock, because then oven has no clock and we are looking at it for months... In despair, we took this one (because of the extra)
    Was thinking we need this luminosity, but now a cheaper one would have been enough.
  • Talking alarm clock

    posted by accountANT1

    Nice, big, easy to read digits.
    Accuracy is not a concern: keeps good time.
    Has a backlight.
    Takes AA batteries--easy to find and more capacity than AAA devices.
    Smallish size makes it useful for travel.
    The talking feature wasn't a deal beaker for me, but it's kind of fun.
    I like it. a good purchase for $5.44.
  • The Alarm clock is very sturdy and provides excellent service.

    posted by Barba002

    The Alarm clock is sturdy, accurate and has an excellent display. The numbers are large and can be seen very easily even from a distance. The night vision works in an excellent way for the sesor is very sensitive to light conditions in the room. You can easily carry it around and can be used when travelling since the size is in big and the material used is very good quality. It is very easy to use and the controls are very user friendly.
    Good value with added bonus of a temperature indicator in the display.
    Choose a brighter colour if you can.

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